German Novelty Helmets

Looking for a German novelty helmet? Learn more about German motorcycle or novelty helmets and their use today…

German motorcycle helmets are also known as German novelty helmets. Recent decades have seen a revival of this wonderful helmet. It is a half head helmet that looks like a turtle shell strapped onto the head. It comes with a chinstrap that is adjustable and allows the user to firmly fix the helmet on their head.

Getting the Right Size

In order to get the right size for your head it is a good idea to measure the circumference of your head about one inch above your eyebrow. If your helmet falls between two sizes then get the smaller size and adjust it with the chinstrap.

Since it does not have any face protection or visor it is important to get matching goggles to offer eye protection, especially for long rides. These can be affixed to the helmet. Often the helmet comes with the back strap on the rear for fixing the goggle strap onto it. This means that you can drive comfortably.

Origin of the Helmets and Road Safety Consideration

Most of the helmets are also approved by driving and road safety authorities. They are just not fashion elements but provide essential safety to motorcyclists on the road. Initially they were known as novelty helmets because they were utilized by the German military on a daily basis during World War I and World War II.

However, one must note that in those days the traffic was much smoother and the speed on a motorcycle was not as fast as it is today. However, that said, the materials and high-quality fiber utilized to create the German novelty helmets today make them exceptionally durable and safe. This is the perfect solution for those avoiding the mushroom look of a full head helmet.

Specifications of the German Novelty Helmet

Since it is a low fit helmet it sits close to the head and does not look very prominent. Offering exceptionally regal looks, the new collections have three visor snaps that can actually allow you to install a standard visor or shield. You can either use a shield and visor or goggles with the German novelty helmets being manufactured today.

Most of the helmets have flat black fiberglass shells and the earflaps are stitched on. Both the sides have white shaped straps that come with quick release bucklesTthe German novelty helmet it is always accompanied by a drawstring bag for easy storage and protection. The finishing available on this fiberglass shell is smooth and has shiny black effect. This is often offset by matte finish black flames to offset the shine. Other colors and finishing include pink for women and a chrome finish for the street smart effect.

With increasing popularity amongst motorcycle riders it is possible to get them in different finishes and at different prices. Some of them even come with leather finishing for an exclusive look. There are specific decals manufactured for these German novelty helmets that can be chosen by the user according to their personal preference. Not only does it offer a smart and trendy helmet option, but it always keeps in consideration personal safety of the wearer thereby making it a good accessory for motorcyclists.

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