Native American Indians Warriors

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Native American Indians Warriors

The Native American Indians were generally peace loving people. But when confronted with opposition they were the fiercest of fighters. The warrior culture was prevalent amongst the Native Americans and over the course of time there have been many great Native American Warriors.

Warriors were specially trained from a very young age. The warrior class was the most highly respected class of society. They were honored with special headdresses when they would accomplish certain feats in battles. Special traditional dances were also held in their honor.

Initially the Native Americans did not confront the foreign pilgrims. On the contrary they showed them great hospitality. However the settlers had other ideas, they wanted to claim the land as their own and hence engaged in massive expulsion of the Native Indians. They destroyed many things that were considered sacred by the Native Americans and forced them to leave their homes. However they had to face off with some of the fiercest Native American Indian warriors.

Famous Native American Warriors

Born in 1822, Red Cloud is remembered as being one of the most capable warriors from the Oglala Lakota tribe. The US military dreaded confronting this man. In fact the war in which Red Cloud led his army against the US military is remembered by his name as Red Cloud’s War. He fought this battle to gain rights over the Powder River Valley.

Another brave soul from the Native Americans was that of Crazy Horse. The man is responsible for giving the Natives the edge that allowed them to win the battle of Little Bighorn. In 1876 he launched a surprise attack on the troops led by General George Crook. This battle actually prevented the General from meeting up with General Custer which led to General Custer and his men losing the battle of Little Bighorn on their own.

Pontiac, another legendary warrior of the Native Americans is remembered for the fierce resistance he put up against the British troops in defense of the Great Lakes Region. He also led around three hundred Natives in a surprise attack to take over Fort Detroit. His force eventually grew to nine hundred and they were successful in taking over the fort in The Battle of Bloody Run.

The US expansion  also faced fierce resistance from the army of Natives led by the charismatic Geronimo. He gave the invaders a tough time as he opposed them for a period of 25 years. The great warrior was never really the chief of the tribe but was taken as a spiritual leader and a warrior chief due to his great efforts. The man is also credited for being the leader of the last great uprising put up by the Native Americans.

Other renowned Native American Indian Warriors include Black Hawk and Hiawatha.

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