German Paratrooper Helmets

Interested in the German Paratrooper Helmet? Learn more about the German paratrooper helmets and their utilization in World War I and World War II…

The Luftwaffe or paratrooper helmet of the German military is synonymous with the daring paratroopers. They were essential to the combat in World War I and World War II. Many paratroopers were dropped by the German Air Force into enemy territory to combat and infiltrate their lines. Their secret drops throughout the night and day led to a lot of devastation in the enemy lines. However, in the event that the paratroopers were shot down or they were captured, their fate was horrifying!

Popularity of the German Paratrooper Helmet

The German paratrooper helmet is often found today on auction in different gun and military equipment shows, as well as at online military websites. There is an increasing popularity in collecting mint and original condition German military equipment. However, since authentic equipment in good condition is hard to come by and is limited in number, there is an increase in the availability of German relic helmets. Basically these helmets, including the German paratrooper helmet, are located in abandoned bunkers, battlefields and old burial grounds. They are rusted and have bullet holes that are evident on the shell. Most of them are in deplorable states.

Source Of the Relics

These relic helmets have often been located in countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Latvia and Russia. This was the main region where German troops were stationed or engaged in battle. Many sellers of German relic items, such as belts, guns and helmets, have their agents based in these countries. They acquire the helmets without asking too many questions of the source. The only thing that they can confirm is that they are authentic German military helmets. If the military equipment has been acquired by robbing a grave, the seller will not admit to this fact. There are no ethics involved in acquiring German paratrooper helmet relics or other military equipment.

How To Care For A German Paratrooper Helmet

Since they are dug out from the ground they have a lot of soil, moisture and other contaminating materials stuck to them. In order to preserve your German paratrooper helmet a little longer it is essential not to expose it to the elements. You must maintain humidity at less than 70% and temperatures of maximum 70°F to ensure that rusting is slowed down considerably. Before preserving the helmet it must be washed thoroughly with soap and water and then dried with heat to remove all possible sources of moisture. Following this it must be packed in a transparent and sealed plastic bag to ensure that it does not interact with the moisture in the air.

While it does not make much sense to buy a rusted piece of military equipment, there are many people who continue to do so and think that its value will appreciate over time. However, consider this — how will a rustic piece of military equipment be able to preserve its intrinsic monetary value and historical significance if it crumbles every day? Therefore it does not really make sense to invest in German paratrooper helmets especially if they have not got most of their decal and insignia available on them.

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