German Reproduction Helmets

Looking for German reproduction helmets? Learn more about reproduction helmets from Germany World War II and their amazing range…

There are different ways of identifying the German helmet for its authenticity. Even though there are high end forgeries it is possible to identify them with small factors. A reproduction helmet should be marketed as such and not be passed off as original.

When you’re looking for World War II reproduction helmets you will be amazed at the variety and finish available on the market. Of course many people will try to sell a reproduction helmet as an original. This is forgery at its best and fraud at its worst. Do not fall prey to sellers who are charging high prices for a rare relic helmet that looks very similar to the original. You can check to see if they have been repainted or altered, or even completely faked.

Checking For German Reproduction Helmets

The chinstrap’s, paint and quality liners have become very high end, but with thorough research the discerning collector can see the forgeries. The manufacturers in countries like Czechoslovakia and Poland are actually the leading forgers. With chemical aging effects the helmet actually looks like it is as old as the World War II issues.

It is almost impossible to distinguish the new and treated decals from the originals. However this does not mean that a dated looking helmet is actually an original one. When buying a reproduction make sure you are not fooled into thinking that it is an original one. You will then pay a price higher than the market value of reproduction German helmets.

Decals on German Reproduction Helmets

Actually the best way of checking them out is the quality of the decals on the helmet. This aspect has also been looked into by forgers. Today the decals are high-quality and affixed with different lacquers or treated in a manner that make them look like they are very old and have aged with time.

There are reproduction helmets that offer great quality in adhesive decals. However, it is important to know how the fake decals can be discerned from the original. On a reproduction helmet you will be able to see that the decal has been pre-aged in order to maintain the original and authentic look. However, still others pass off the reproductions as mint condition originals and charge a very high price for them. Not only is it difficult to copy the design and material but is also difficult to get the original color. If a person researches properly it is impossible to be fooled by imposters selling forgery helmets.

Liners for German Reproduction Helmets

It is also possible to get some reproduction liners for the German helmet to complete the entire look. It is possible to get an entire kit for the refurbishment of World War II era German helmets. The kits include the liners, the aluminum band and the pins that are sometimes given a distressed finish.

There are quite a few reproductions but some of them are not of good quality and are made in a very crude manner. This results in a very misshapen band. There are three well-known manufacturers who make good quality items. These manufacturers are based in Czechoslovakia, China and Poland and are known for high end reproductions.

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