Italian Chef Salad

Are you an ardent weight watcher or are you in love with salads? Whatever the case may be, the world famous Italian chef salad is sure to please you immensely. Find out how to make one in our guide.

Italian chef salad is a healthy combination of fresh herbs, vegetables and proteins in the form of meat. It is pleasant to look at and very fulfilling to eat. It is very delicious and satisfying and to top it all, it is healthy in the sense that it has quite a small number of calories. So, more servings but few calories; isn’t it a real treat?

Italian Chef Salad Recipes

There are many variations of Italian chef salad. Mostly the ingredients are the same, but few minor changes make each variation worth trying. These tasty and well balanced salads are easy to make. Here are a few versions of the Italian Chef salad.

Recipe Number One

¼ pound coarsely sliced hot ham.
¼ pound finely sliced Genoa salami.
¼ pound finely chopped deli provolone cheese
½ cup green pitted olives.
2 hearts of roughly chopped romaine lettuce.
A few roughly cut basil leaves
1 roughly chopped tomato.
.Salt and pepper to taste, for seasoning.
Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling.


Prepare all the vegetables as indicated and combine them. Season with salt and pepper to your taste. Add red vinegar as dressing. Drizzle it generously with extra virgin olive oil. Your delicious serving of Italian chef salad is ready, enough for four persons in 20 minutes time.

Recipe Number Two


4 cups of torn lettuce. Either iceberg or leaf lettuce
1 cup of cooked chicken cut into bite size pieces.
1 cup of mozzarella cheese cut into bite size pieces.
½ cup of sliced pepperoni.
¼ cup pitted and sliced olives.
8 cherry tomatoes, halved.
4 cups of torn romaine lettuce. Spinach can also be substituted.
1 cup sweet red or green pepper cut into bite size strips.
1 cup croutons


It takes about half an hour to prepare the salad. The salad is enough for four main servings.

Cut all the green leaves and toss them together. Divide them in four portions in serving dishes. Layer chicken, tomato, cheese, olives, artichoke hearts and sweet pepper on top. Dress the salad with Italian salad dressing or creamy Italian salad dressing generously.

Recipe Number Three

This is a slightly different version. It takes almost one hour and 30 minutes to prepare this salad and it is enough for six servings.


4 ounces of thinly sliced deli ham
2 large tomatoes cut into wedges
1 cup olives pitted and halved
½ cup sliced red onion
5 ounces provolone cheese roughly chopped
5 cups of green salad
1 cup of fresh torn basil leaves
1 round loaf of crusty bread weighing about 16 ounces


First of all, cut the top of crusty round bread. Empty its inner content carefully and cut into bite size pieces. Let the empty bread bowl stand in air for one hour. Prepare and combine all the salad ingredients together along with the cut bread cubes, add all the green salads and dress it according to your taste. Put the prepared salad carefully in the bread bowl and press it well. Place the top and refrigerate overnight. Serve it chilled.
A great way to have supper……

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