German Silverware Names

Searching for German silverware names? Learn more about the distinct and high quality German silverware names belonging to German high command families and military units…

There are many different patterns and styles available for German silverware. It is actually one of the world’s most amazing selections of silver flatware. Today some pieces of the ancient eras survive. It is even possible to get some pieces of German silverware from the collections of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Emmy Goering, Hermann Goering, Carin Goering, Albert Speer, Heinrich Himmler, Joachim von Ribbentrop and other members of the German high command families. The majority of the manufacturers crafted the silverware for the German leaders and rather than naming them after the manufacturers, they were actually named after the person that the design was created for.

Origin of German Silverware Names

Each of the collections had been commissioned by a special high ranking officer. The collections had the name of the personality who commissioned it. A distinct pattern was created for them and then a monogram was designed to identify it as a personal collection. Some of the collections include the Hitler collection, Deutsche Reichsbahn which comprise of the Hitler and Goering Trains, the American Bund States Lines which is known as the Swastika Flag Service Ware, Martin Bormann and Eva Braun collection of flatware, the Hermann Breith Panzer KCIC recipient collection and Hans Frank. as well as the Official Pattern for the Governor-General of Poland.

The personal pattern for the Gau Thuringia collection was comprised of the Thuringen Eagle Gauleiter Franz Sauckel pattern. There were, under the Hermann Göring range, the esteemed Reichsmarschall State patterns, the simple pattern and the ornate design as well as the monogram and G. patterns.

Apart from these German silverware, names are divided into the Personal Coat of Arms patterns, Deutsche Reichsbahn or Göring Train, and Luftwaffe Aluminum.  The Emmy Sonnemann Göring and Göring Wedding pieces are also available today.

Some pieces from the service silverware named  Carin von Foch Göring and Heinrich Himmler, WMF Pattern with the script monogram, the  LW Pattern with the  Runic monogram, the Block monogram, Train Pattern with the Runic monogram, the SS Sigrunes with the SS sigunes monograms and the Joachim von Ribbentrop silverware can be purchased from online auctions.

Details of the Silverware Patterns

The Ernst Kaltenbrunner silverware is rare and mostly out of stock. However the service created for Franz Sauckel and Bernhard Rust who was the Minister of Science, Education and Popular Culture in The Third Riech has the DH monogram on it and can be purchased from reputed stores. The Albert Speer collection excluding the Deutsche Kunst pattern is carried by dealers of German silverware.

Notable names of German Silverware Collection

Also you can ask for German silver names like Adolf Wagner, Gauleiter of Bavaria, and Special Unit Pieces like Leibstandarte LAH, Weimar, Trade Union and Luftwaffe. The Hotel Flatware Pieces include the Der Deutscher Hof, Bayerischer Hof. There is also a prestigious collection of Royal Family items in silverware and flatware available for collectors today and it is still highly prized.

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