German Soldiers of World War II

During World War II the German army had developed on the concepts that had been just introduced during World War I. These developments gave the German soldiers of World War II a certain edge, which resulted in many small but quick victories, to the e

The Germans entered the war with just a few of its formations motorized while the rest of the soldiers either remained on foot or were part of the horse-drawn artillery. The motorized formations, however, were given the most attention during the start of World War II and were also said to be the reason for the successful invasions in Poland in September 1939, Norway and Denmark in April 1940, Belgium, France and Netherlands in May 1940, Yugoslavia in April 1941 and early campaigns in USSR in June 1941.
When Adolph Hitler finally waged war on the United States in December 1941, the German soldiers of World War II found themselves fighting with three major industrial powers. In addition the fact that Hitler decided to assume control of the Wehrmacht high command at a very critical stage and then failed as a military commander, contributed to the defeats in North Africa in early 1943.

The German soldiers of World War II depended on mission-based tactics and a very strong sense of discipline. General opinion says that the German army was one of the most high tech armies and they have maintained this reputation to this day but despite common belief, high tech war weapons were available in very little quantities during the World War II period and most of those that came through did so very late in the war, due to the limited supply of raw materials. This left the German soldiers of World War II with the option of travelling on baggage trains led by horses and also the option of using bicycles or travelling on foot.

Many historians also believe that the German soldiers were one of the greatest fighting forces of the war and the German soldiers were the most efficient at man to man combat. The soldiers knew no fear and would either successfully invade the location they were sent to or would die trying. To this day many people still laud the professionalism and training of the German soldier, while commending their aggression while attacking and fearlessness while defending their territories, even when there was a shortage of materials. However, the major dark spot in their valor were the list of war crimes committed by the Nazis.


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