American Girl Doll Clothes Closet

Looking for an American Girl doll clothes closet? Want to know about all the different styles of doll clothes closet available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right clothes closet for you…

Your American Girl doll clothes are unique designs that should be well taken care of and stored properly. For this, you’ll need a doll clothes closet that’s been specially designed to fit all your American Girl doll clothes. As each doll is a standard height of 18”, the closet should be high enough to hang ruffled skirts and dresses. Additionally, there should be compartments for the numerous accessories of the American Girl doll such as shoes, hats and purses that compliment each outfit.

Contemporary American Girl doll clothes closets of various attractive designs are available online in specialist doll stores or in toy stores across the country. Each closet comes equipped with hangers on which you can hang the doll clothes. Usually measuring 20” in height, 18” wide and 13” deep, the doll clothes closet come in a variety of colours like pink and blue. There is a distance of at least 17” between the clothes bar and the closet floor, leaving you with plenty of room to hang up that 19th century frilled petticoat and wide skirts as well as long nylon pants.

Doll clothes closets can be purchased fully assembled. You could also buy the knock down units for a reduced price and assemble the unit yourself. The finish is normally washable so the doll clothes closet can be easily cleaned of stains and smudges. Five white hangers are normally included in the clothes closet. You could purchase additional hangers separately.

Assembling a doll clothes closet

You could assemble your own doll clothes closet with items that are easily available from your local store. The American Girl doll catalogue displays outfits that thrill many young girls today and these beautiful items of clothing should be stored in a special closet suitable for doll clothes. There are a number of fairly good online sites that provide detailed guides and instructions with pictures on how you can build your own doll clothes closet and these are certainly worth a study.

A beautiful American Girl doll clothes closet is the ideal choice for storing the lovely doll outfits and accessories that are the hallmark of American Girl dolls!

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