Tulum Mexico Vacations

Going on Vacation to Tulum Mexico? Want to know where to get the best package deals for a Tulum vacation? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Tulum is located on the southern end of the Riviera Maya, which I currently one of the most popular stretches of coastline in Mexico for tourists coming from the US and all over the world. Tulum, however, is still relatively unknown in comparison to other vacation hotspots located on the Riviera Maya such as Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Depending on what you are looking for in a vacation this may actually be a good thing as you can avoid all the crazy crowds of young college kids in Cancun and enjoy a relaxing vacation along the beach. Here we’ve included things for you to do on vacation in and around Tulum.

Vacations in Tulum Mexico

If going on vacation to Tulum you should know what to expect. Tulum is still relatively underdeveloped in terms of tourist infrastructure. This means you will not find big casinos, hotels, golf courses or night clubs in Tulum. You will, however, find plenty of charming restaurants, small but classy hotels, and plenty of pristine quiet beaches to enjoy without having to search for a spot to put your towel down.

Tulum is visited primarily by people who want to see the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum. Although the ruins are not as large as can be found at other ruins on the Costa Maya, they are nonetheless impressive and well worth a visit if you are interested in history. The ruins at Tulum are located on top of limestone cliffs that overlook the Caribbean Sea below.

Although Tulum itself is still quite small and quiet, it’s a perfect place to base yourself if you are interested in eco tourism activities. There’s plenty of scuba diving on offer at the second largest barrier reef that is only a day trop away. Other vacation activity options near Tulum include rock climbing and nature walks.

Vacation Accommodation in Tulum

If you are looking for a huge glitzy five star hotel to stay in then Tulum is not for you. There are, however, plenty of smaller boutique five star hotels providing all the luxury you could ever hope for. If you plan on staying in Tulum for a while you could even consider a villa rental and provided you agree to take it for long enough or you come out of season you could probably get a good deal on it.

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