German Wall Clocks

Interested in the German Wall Clock? Learn more about German wall clocks and their unique history spanning centuries…

German wall clocks date as far back as the 17th century. The industry suffered during World War I but started recovering after the 1920s.

Franz Hermle Clock Company

The Franz Hermle Clock Company was established in 1922 in the town of Gosheim, which lies near Wuerttemberg, Germany. The economy was suffering gravely at this point and American clock companies were nearing bankrupt. However, despite the odds, this new German company started prospering. By the early 1930s, this clock company was in fact a world leader known for manufacturing high quality clock movements. Other companies were still using old 19th century methods while Franz Hermle had his eyes set on the latest technology for producing modern clock movements.

As the master clock maker, Franz Hermle passed on his clock making experience and skills to his his four sons, Alfred, Gebhard, Heinrich and Hans.
From German wall clocks to mantel place timepieces and cuckoo clocks, the company went on to produce a beautiful range of timeless classics under the label of Franz Hermle and Sohn. The pioneer and his sons went on to prosper for long after the war.

Even after World War II they continued to grow and started expanding their product range into clock accessories. By 1953 Franz Hermle died and left behind the company to his able sons. Today the company is in the hands of the third generation of the family.

Latest Technology For Producing Modern Clock Movements

It specializes in quartz movements and mechanical movements along with other parts for clocks. These are manufactured in an automated and computerized environment for precise and high quality products. There are four different locations for the company. One of the subsidiaries is called Hermle Black Forest Clocks and is located in the famous

German clock making region of the Black Forest

The company exports clock movements and accessories to more than 100 countries across the world and the wall clocks are the most famous even today. In fact if someone does not own a timepiece with the brand-name on it, they would most definitely have a timepiece that has the clock movement manufactured by this company.
This would make them the largest manufacturers of quartz and mechanical movements in the world. Franz Hermle and Sohn is also a leading supplier of clock dials and pendulums. Today modern weight driven clocks like the grandfather clock and the wall clocks are fitted with decorated weight shells which are also manufactured by the company.

Their product range also consists of more than 20 sleek table clocks which reflect the charm of the Art Deco era. Apart from this they have traditional anniversary clocks in 25 different models. There are more than 50 models of the mantel clocks while many of the steeple clocks and bracket clocks are also available.

The grandfather clocks in their product catalogs are known as floor clocks. The wooden cases have basic designs and embellishments. You can choose from 20 models which are all made in Germany.

The largest range of wall clocks feature more than 200 styles. For movie fans to those interested in nostalgia which features Doris Day and Rock Hudson or traditional 19th century wall clocks, the range is unlimited.

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