Paris Tuning Show

Want to learn more about the Paris Tuning Show? Read on to find out about this television show dedicated to vehicles and motorsports…

The Paris Tuning Show is a memorable and celebrated event which is dedicated to the customization and technology of vehicles and motorsports. At this event, Europe’s tuning community show off its rides at France’s biggest modified car event in the history of Motor tuning shows.

The Paris tuning show boasts of 55,000 km² show space and houses both outdoor and indoor demos. Each year it welcomes an increasing number of visitors as well as exhibitors. From environmentally friendly car tuning paints to gizmos and gadgets on tuning projects you can find it all in the best celebration and presentation of car tuning.

At the Paris tuning show, companies can launch their eye-catching paint brands which are environmentally friendly car tuning paints. This is a clear signal for environmental protection, and the splash of color is a great way of sending the message across.

This is a leading international trade show and the right platform to launch coatings that are spectacular and colorful and serve the needs of the growing tuning market which is faced with stringent environmental controls.

For visitors and exhibitors the new products in the stand are highly attractive and the buzzing atmosphere and energy attracts both to the exhibit.

Showstoppers at the Paris Tuning Show

Some of those showstoppers at the show include Volkswagen’s Touran Las Vegas which has the V-technology highlighting how improvements can be made on original manufacturer installations. The black bird portable navigation system by Alpine is another showstopper which is popular year on year.

It is interesting to note that the smaller hatches follow the traditional European look while the larger cars follow US designs. The US is the leader of the tuning industry and sets the trends for Europe and the rest of the world to follow.

Trends at the Paris Tuning Show

Since Mercedes and Lexus have become more affordable over the years with the drop in the price tag, these cars are coming under the hands of professional tuners. Ford Focus and similar cars however are still the backbone of the European car tuning industry, and with the tuning innovations has added some fresh stylish touches.

Scion is another tuning success in the US and the manufacturer actively encourages customers to work on tuning the car. It is interesting to note vintage American motors are also present at the show. From Chevys to Cadillacs the show looks like an assembly line of American cars. Commercial movies that promote car tuning like the Fast and the Furious are often played at this venue to promote car tuning.

The Paris tuning show allows you to experience extreme styling perfected by the tuning pros in Europe. Some people might consider these strangely overdone vehicles as the negative side of tuning but it is very interesting to note that even though the taste of the tuner looks hideous, there is an amazing degree of workmanship, and a professional and neat finish on the paint job.

People take pride in creating artworks on cars like the Rat Look, Nemo theme or a 206 Fire Engine!  The massive variety of vehicles and the huge display of styles means that you don’t see the same car twice, and are always thrilled when walking through the halls of France’s Park de Exposition.

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