German Youth Daggers

Interested in German Hitler youth daggers? Learn more about the commemorative and dress German youth daggers…

There are rare and selective German youth daggers available-for-sale from exclusive collectors and sellers. These are available at varying prices but are very rare.

Youth Dress Dagger

One of the most exclusive daggers is the Hitler youth dagger which is titled the RZM 7/36 Hitler Youth leader German Dress Dagger and is accompanied by the hangers. This youth dress dagger comes with the hangers and scabbard and carries the maker mark RZM 7/36. The black leather grip is the standard issue kind and has very clean and neat fittings which includes the cross guard as well as the pommel. The signs of routine use are evident on the scabbard and it shows the authenticity of the dagger along with the signs of wear on the fittings like the hangers. Most of the daggers do not come with original hangers and fittings but the blade is shiny and bright without any defects.

German Youth Red Cross Junior DRK Dagger

Another well-known enlisted dagger is the German youth Red Cross Junior DRK dagger. This has a makers marking of GES. GESCHÜTZT on the blade and carries the chisel pointed blade, which is very unique and noticeable. The overall condition of the dagger is excellent and there are small and routine marks on the blade. These marks are acquired by inserting and removing the blade from the scabbard. There are also some dark spots since the blade has not been sharpened since it was crafted.

Flat Pointed German Youth Dagger Blade

The blade that is flat pointed measures approximately 10-5/8 inches. You can see some freckling on the finishing of the pommel, One of the Bakelite grip is nearly intact and the other is fully intact. Another version of the Red Cross Junior DRK Enlisted German Dagger is also available with the maker markings of Ges. Geschützt on the blade. The blade ends with the chisel point and is available in excellent condition, but the back grip has a small part of it missing. Due to the regular usage and removing the blade from the scabbard there are a few marks that have come out on the blade. These are considered acceptable in such equipment. Apart from this there is minor blistering on the scabbard paint and heavy scratches and aging, which is routine. The pommel shows minor scratches while both of the Bakelite grips also have slight signs of wear but are totally complete and intact.

Another version of the German youth dagger is the Social Welfare Red Cross DRK Enlisted version. The blade carries maker markings of GES. GESCHÜTZT and has a pointed blade. The mint condition blade has only minor markings which have been derived from slipping it in and out of the scabbard. The blade was not sharpened once it was constructed and the measurement is approximately 3/8 inches longer than the flat tip version which is normally found in such daggers. The paint on the grip shows some scratches and routine aging. There are some very minor freckles on the finishing and the Bakelite grips are complete and intact but do have some small signs of wear.

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