Irish Dance Kick

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Irish dancing involves quick movement of the feet. This form of dancing originally developed in ancient Irish cultures. Celtic dancers were famous for a type of dancing that made use of a sort of battering step which brought the heel and foot down hard upon the ground. Modern Irish dancing makes use of lighter steps characterized by the Irish dance kick.

Irish dancers display their Irish dance kick as a rapid repetition of steps where each step is repeated by both the right and left foot. Irish dance masters of the 18th and 19th centuries choreographed the dance kicks that are commonly seen today into particular dance movements which are danced to specific tunes, timing and beats. The upper body is controlled during the dance so that the kick is prominent and becomes the focal point of the dance.

You can learn the Irish dance kick in special dance schools for novice dancers or those at the beginning stages of dancing. You require precise co-ordination of the feet to be able to replicate the dance steps which appear so easily performed by Irish dancers. Years of training will ensure that you’ll be able to perform at least as well as the performance dancers on shows.

Shoes For Irish Dance Kick

The Irish dance kick requires special shoes to adequately bring out the artistry and grace of the dance. Soft shoes called ‘ghillies’ are worn by women dancers and look like ballet shoes with laces. They are made from soft leather and cushion the feet which are then in a position to perform the dance kicks without injury.

For the perfect Irish dance kick, the shoes must be handmade. This is currently the norm for dance shoes which are generally crafted from calf leather. The shoes can be made to measure and bought off the rack. Some Irish dance shoe makers have websites where you can purchase the shoe sizes you desire online and have them shipped to you at a cost.

The Irish dance kick is particular to Irish dancing and requires the rapid movement of both feet with a controlled body for maximum effect. Dance shoes must be crafted specifically for Irish dancers to prevent undue injury to the feet.

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