Original German Helmets

Looking for original German helmets? Learn more about telling original German helmets apart from the replicas…

When looking for original German helmets it is important to know that there are many fake products on the market. In fact, there has been a revived interest in helmets. Equipment like the German motorcycle helmet, the M 1942, Luftwaffee and SS military helmet are perhaps some of the few original German helmets still available in the market. These can be acquired at gun and military equipment auctions or you can purchase them online. However, it is important to note that they are limited in quantity and not very easily available. For this reason many people have started looking at reputable dealers who constantly focus on military equipment.

Spotting a Fake German Helmet

It costs thousands of dollars to get military equipment. However, many people have been fleeced and they end up paying hundreds of dollars per helmet for fakes. It is very rare that a helmet will be available in one hundred percent mint condition, so make sure that you are not getting something that looks too new to be an original helmet.

Specifications of a Relic

The relics generally have no more than 5% of the decals or 10% of the original paint jobs. Therefore it is safe to say that over 50 years of aging the original German helmet would have lost a considerable amount of its paint and decals. However, if the insignias are still present then they would also be faded if not completely eroded.

The most important thing to consider is the source of these helmets. If they are found from secure and indoor military surplus source then the condition can be almost as good as new. However, if anyone comments that they have been found on the battlefield or in someone’s home then it should be considerably eroded. In fact the ones found in the battlefield are beyond recognition and are just empty shells.

Increased Interest in German Relic Helmets

It is sad that even though the source is ambiguous, collectors still want to purchase the German relic equipment. The main reason is that the authentic and good condition helmets and other military equipment from World War I and World War II are exceptionally expensive and available in limited quantities on selective auctions.

There is increased interest in this collection. However, the sellers are the ones who are dictating the price by quoting the source of the helmet. There is no way for the buyer to actually verify the source or type of helmet that they have purchased. This is increasingly difficult, especially because only 5% of the decals and 10% percent of the paint job is still visible on these highly rusted helmets.

Types of Relic Helmets

There are many rusted shells of military formations and elite military units like the Waffen-SS. Conversely, the esteemed Luftwaffe paratrooper helmets are also very popular today. Some interesting helmets from private collections in German homes show splinter fragments, the result of a concussion on the wearer during artillery fired in combat. Therefore, relics have a more interesting historical value because they have seen actual action.

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