White German Shepherd Dogs

Need information on the White German Shepherd dogs? Read on to learn more about the the American-Canadian white German Shepherd…

The German Shepherd dog is available in different colors and coats. One variety is the white German Shepherd dog, which was produced initially as a show dog and companion. Another name for this kind of dog is the Swiss Shepherd dog because it was first registered in Switzerland and is often called the Berger Blanc Suisse. These are genetic hybrids of wolf dogs and are popular because of their grace and intelligence. The large dogs are very stunning and look like imposing wolves with a white coat.

The first German Shepherd variety was recorded in 1882 and registered as a breed in 1917. The import into America was initiated in the early 1920s by the dog breeder H. N. Hanchett, based in Minnesota. The largest numbers of white German Shepherd dogs were found in the first 15 years of breeding this dog.

Origins of The White German Shepherd

Even though the white color is quite common it is considered a separate bloodline of the German Shepherd. The dog was initially developed in Germany by a cavalry officer who aimed to create pure bloodlines that retained the characteristic strength and temperament of the dog.

Initially the white color was disqualified in the United States for show dogs completely in the year 1968. However, in Germany during the same time the white dog was banned and the numbers were drastically reduced because it was considered to be a result of genetic defects like albinism.

This was a health defect prominently evident in different litters of the breed and resulted in the paling of the color of the breed. However, the same gene which is used for creating the white coat has been identified as MC1R gene locus and brings out every other color combination in the dog. Therefore it has no correlation to the genetic defect of albinism.

By 1969 the club for the white German Shepherd was established. It went international in 1977, following which the dogs were recognized as a separate breed in Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark among other countries in Europe.

Physical Description Of The White German Shepherd

The white German Shepherd has a stark white coat and the hair is longer around its neck. It should have colored eyes, eyelids as well as footpads, and a black nose. The coat is normally snow white but it can also have broken colors. In the winter the dog can lose the color of its nose, but this should reappear in the summer months.

Characteristics of The White German Shepherd

The white German Shepherd has a very endearing quality of being happy and makes a great companion. The dog is also good for active people because it likes to runaround and have fun. The dog is a very presentable and strong animal. It requires a lot of activity to keep its mind alert because it does not like to be idle, and could cause destruction in the home. The dog will require exercise so it is essential that the owners also be active and constantly provide him some space and stimulating toys to keep it busy.

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