Superstition, Customs and Luck in Greece

Want to know some Greek superstitions, customs and what brings good luck? Read on…

Superstition and Customs in Greece

  • In Greece it is considered bad luck to do business on Tuesday 13th.
  • People touch red when say something at the same time.
  • People knock on wood or “move” from their place to avoid ginks.
  • They threat of putting pepper in someone’s tongue when he or she is cursing.
  • Greeks conceder black cats as bad luck.
  • Projecting your hand with your fingers open is considered very rood.
  • Looking away when talking to someone is considered very rood.
  • Tips are not included in restaurant/bar bills.
  • On New Years Eve people gamble for good luck.
  • Never make a toast when drinking water or coffee.
  • In Greece people twist a coin when being in a dilemma.
  • Mothers throw baby teeth of their children on the roof, so that the new one grows strong.
  • People in Greece celebrate both birth days and name days.

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