Gehl 5635 Italy

Want to buy the Gehl 5635 Italy skid loader? Read on for facts and info on the newly developed Gehl 5635 Italy skid loaders…

The new 5635 series introduced by Gehl machinery has been developed with the objective of increased performance on one hand, and better operator comfort on the other. Sure enough, the Gehl 5635 meets these objectives. This new heavy-duty loader has been constructed according to the skid steer mechanism and is powered by a heavy-duty diesel engine.

According to the company that is responsible for designing the loader, they believe it to be a breakthrough invention in its league. There are a number of things about the Gehl 5635 Italy that make it distinctively different and a whole lot better than other loaders in its variety.

Amongst the factors that contribute to the loader’s greatness is the fact that it is extremely user-friendly. The loader has been fitted with a pair of newly designed power view boom-lift arms for which the company has applied for a patent.

This unique mechanism allows the operator to have better visibility while using the arms and it also gives them more capacity. The 35 series has two basic models and both of them have been given expanded wheelbases. This helps to provide them with more stability and also improves the riding dynamics of the vehicle.

The high power 6635 machine has the capacity to lift 2300 pounds in a single shift. It has a 48-inch wheelbase and is further supported by a 90 hp turbocharged Deutz diesel engine.

On the other hand the 5635 has the capacity to lift up to 1800 pounds in a single shift along with the 42-inch wheelbase. The engine fitted on the 5635 is a 60 hp naturally aspirated Deutz diesel engine. This is the standard available from the company. However, you have the option to go for an 80 hp turbocharged Deutz maintained in the 5635 variety.

Both the above-mentioned skid loaders are highly in demand in the construction sector. It has been observed that the loaders have been successful in the rental as well as direct retail market segments. Road building contractors have also shown their appreciation of the 35 series loaders from Gehl.

Although road contractors generally prefer larger skid loaders because they need to perform multiple tasks, there is a growing demand for 35 series type loaders as well. The agricultural industry is also an additional key market for the 35 series. In fact the skid loader was developed because of agricultural requirements initially.

Today Gehl’s 35 series skid loaders are being marketed all across North America, Europe, Germany and various other regions across the world. Gehl has set up its international service centers in different countries where their products are available so as to cater to the local population.

The skid loaders are also embedded with digital instrumentation which has been positioned at eye level so as to provide better operator comfort. The instrumentation display shows the engine- lube oil temperature, VDO fuel, operating hour gauges along with a number of different monitoring lights.


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