Sightseeing on Margaret Island Budapest

Are you going on holiday to Budapest in Hungary? Would you like to know where the best sightseeing spots in Budapest are? Our sightseeing guide to Margaret Island in Budapest gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Margaret Island Budapest

Margaret Island in Budapest is an island that is 2.5 km long and located in the middle of the Danube River. Being strategically positioned in the middle of Budapest, Margaret Island has a long an interesting history assuming a position of special importance to whoever ruled Budapest at the time. When the Ottoman Turks invaded and came to control Budapest, they turned Margaret Island into an exclusive zone into which only Muslims could venture. Prior to the Ottomans, Margaret Island was the preferred area in which the various Christian orders would build their monasteries. Today, Margaret Island is a public park open for all to enjoy and there are some interesting sightseeing attractions on the Island.

Dominican convent on Margaret Island Budapest

Although largely destroyed, there are some ruins intact and still visible of a 12th century convent belonging to the Dominican order of monks.  This is possibly a good point from which to start your sightseeing tour of Margaret Island.

Franciscan Monastery on Margaret Island Budapest

The Franciscan monastery on Margaret Island dates back to the 13th century. The roof and interior of the building are gone today and all that remains of the original structure are the outer walls and the tower.  Many visitors, who come for sightseeing, like to take photographs of the tower.

Thermal Spa on Margaret Island Budapest

Budapest has a great variety of excellent thermal spas which are popular with both Hungarians and visitors to Hungary. The Thermal spa located on Margaret Island is one of the best in Budapest. It is also, however, one of the most modern so don’t come here expecting to bathe in the same place that the Romans used to.

Centennial Monument on Margaret Island Budapest

The Centennial Monument located o Margaret Island is probably the most significant sightseeing monument in the area commemorating a very special occasion in the history of Budapest. Prior to the formation of the unified city of Budapest, there were actually two largely independently run towns of Buda and Pest located on either side of the River Danube. This monument commemorates the union of Buda and Pest that took place in 1873.

Japanese gardens on Margaret Island Budapest

Although not particularly historical or Hungarian, the Japanese gardens are well worth a visit nonetheless if you happen to be on a sightseeing tour of the area. As the name suggests these gardens are designed in the traditional Japanese way complete with small foot bridges and bonsai trees.

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