Thermal baths in Hungary

Are you going on holiday to Hungary? Would you like to experience one of Hungary’s world-famous thermal baths? Our guide to thermal baths in Hungary gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Thermal baths in Hungary

Although not many people from outside Hungary know it, Hungary has over 100 different thermal baths which source their water from natural thermal and mineral water deep in the ground. Hungary has a long history of thermal baths and is an ingrained part of the culture for many Hungarians who visit the baths regularly. People have been enjoying thermal baths in Hungary for thousands of years, including the Romans who built several thermal baths, some of which are still operational today.

Benefits of Thermal baths in Hungary

Aside from being a completely warm and relaxing experience, thermal baths are believed to provide several distinct health benefits.  Many Hungarians treat a visit to the thermal bath as part of personal healthcare or treatment for a variety of specific ailments. Thermal baths are believed to aid in relaxing the muscles which is especially good for strained muscles and torn ligaments. The hot air that circulates inside the thermal baths in Hungary is believed to aid in strengthening the respiratory system. Thermal baths have even been said to be beneficial for treating gynaecological problems.

Thermal bath packages in Hungary

Some thermal baths in Hungary have developed into fully fledged resorts with a wide range of full treatment packages for specific illnesses. Treatments are booked in advance and can last from a couple of days anywhere up to a couple of weeks.

What to do & take to the thermal bath in Hungary

Entering and using a thermal bath is for the most part self explanatory. Once you buy a ticket to enter, you are given an amount of time for how long you are allowed to stay inside the thermal bath. The standard time is usually two hours. There is no need to bring any equipment with you although many people prefer to bring their own flip- flops for personal hygiene reasons, although this isn’t compulsory.  At some thermal baths in Hungary you are given a number and expected to wait until it appears on a display screen before entering the thermal bath.

Thermal baths in Budapest

Budapest is an excellent place for thermal baths as it has perhaps many of the best in all of Hungary. Some popular thermal baths in Budapest include Gellent, Kiraly, Rac & Rudas.

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