Iceland Spa Holidays

Iceland is copious in geothermal activity. This has given rise to many hot springs, some of which are a source of geothermal heat for spas. Many tourists visiting Iceland come to these spas to relax. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Blue lagoon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iceland, and its name frequently pops up in holiday packages. The lagoon is located in a lava field that has jagged and barren landscape. Many people go to the geothermal spa for relaxation, recreation and refreshment.  Many visitors relax in the steamy, blue, pristine water, but that’s not all. The water is mineral-rich, and it is claimed that the lagoon water can help heal dermatological conditions like psoriasis.

Some tourists visit Blue Lagoon for more serious reasons, like dermatological treatment. The spa has attracted scientists that study the mineral-rich waters to find potential cures for other dermatological ailments.

Blue Lagoon Conveniences & Services

Visitors to Blue Lagoon might also experience good services and conveniences. The lounge in Blue Lagoon comes equipped with a comfy changing room. From the lounge you can sit and relax, and view the lagoon. The spa also has private lagoons fed by water from the main lagoon.

In Blue Lagoon, visitors may wine and dine, and enjoy traditional Icelandic meals. There is also a bar for drinks, and a cafe for snacks.

As well as providing silica masks for the face, visitors can get treatment outside of the mineral-rich waters. There is a skin care shop and a place for a soothing massage. Blue lagoon has a fitness center, an indoors steam bath, and a mini waterfall area one can go under.

The tall columns of steam that rise over the lagoon waters provide a sense of privacy. However, for more privacy one can relax under a secluded area in the water that has a cave-like structure.

Blue Lagoon is in proximity to the airport; and after your flight, you can visit there directly, without any stops at a hotel.

Blue Lagoon is also used as a source of heat for neighboring communities.

Other Spas in Iceland

The Nordica Hotel spa in Reykjavik provides an array of services. You can relax in the jacuzzi, lift weights at the fitness center, get a massage, and receive skin treatments with oil and hot stones. The spa also has a sauna.

Spa Saga Heilsa in Kopavogur is equipped with a tanning bed, and also focuses on medical aspects.

At the Laugar Spa in Reykjavik, visitors may relax in the steamy pool, or get a massage. The spa is equipped with a fitness center.

In Reykjavik, you can find public swimming pools with steamy hot tubs. Even though weather can be cold, you are still kept warm by the heat of the pool.

A tourist going on a spa holiday to Iceland, can visit the geothermal lagoon waters of Myvatn Nature Baths in the northern region.

If you want to go a little extreme, you can visit the NFLI clinic in Hveragerdi, and immerse yourself in the thick grey mud, which is claimed to help people with arthritis and skin ailments.

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