1944 Indian Motorcycle

Want to buy the 1944 Indian motorcycle? Read on for interesting facts and info on the all time classic Indian motorcycle developed in the year 1944…

As one of America’s oldest motorcycle manufacturing companies Indian Motorcycle has produced many brilliant models over the years. Some of their older models have acquired a legendary status amongst biking enthusiasts. The 1944 Indian motorcycle in particular is regarded as being one of the most popular bikes from the company.

1944 Indian motorcycle styling

This vintage motorcycle features the classic chromed teardrop fuel tank embedded with a halogen headlamp and supporting driving lamps. A beautiful color matched die cast console is what gives the motorcycle its unique appearance. The engine of the bike has been painted black and has a sparkling polished finish. The looks of the bike are further enhanced by chrome covers on the engine.

In order to retain that classic look the 1944 Indian motorcycle has chromed spoke wheels that make it extremely stylish even in today’s Times. In terms of performance the 1944 motorcycle is aided by its stainless steel exhaust system that has a three-way catalytic converter covered by chromed shields.

The long skirt fenders fitted on both the front and rear ends give the bike it’s classic heavy look. Chrome fender tips further add the vintage touch to the special motorcycle. The fuel tank sports a beautifully crafted metal badge with the logo of the Indian motorcycle manufacturing company as well as some unique interesting graphics. The area around the engine is also protected by engine guards that also add to the beauty of the ride.

1944 Indian Motorcycle Powertrain

The 1944 Indian motorcycle is powered by a 105 CI engine. The engine is air cooled and modeled on the pushrod system. It also features a port injection system that has a closed loop sequential performance aided by heated oxygen sensors. Like all Indian motorcycles the 1944 model was also a six speed transmission two wheeler.

The heavy-duty motorcycle has a 5.5 gallon fuel tank which ensures plenty of mileage. An excellent braking system provides the rider with enhanced safety and precision. The braking system is supported by dual floating rotors. The bike has four piston calipers in the front and two in the back. Together with the dual floating rotors this makes for an excellent overall braking system.

In order to provide the rider with convenience the 1944 Indian motorcycle has also been given two accessory 12 V outlets. One of the unique features of this classic motorcycle is the quick release windshield that protects the rider from the bustling wind when speeding down the streets.

1944 Indian Motorcycle Electrical Makeup

For its era the 1944 Indian Motorcycle featured an advanced tank mounted analog speedometer. It also has 42 amps charging system. Although the ride has excellent front head lamps and rear fender lights the system is void of any electrical relays.

In the years that followed 1944 the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company developed amazing varieties by modifying this all time classic ride.

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