Teacup Australian Shepherd

Looking for the Miniature, Toy & Teacup Australian Shepherd? Learn more about the exciting Miniature Australian Shepherd Teacup breed…

The Teacup Australian Shepherd was first registered by the Valhalla Kennel in Australia a few decades ago. They were unable to meet the breed’s standards for height. Even though they were sired by the amazing bloodline of purebred Australian shepherds they ended up being too small.

It is a commonly recognized factor that even with the use of dams and sires from the standard Australian Shepherd bloodlines there are discrepancies that result in small-sized pups that do not meet the registry standards.

Characteristics of the Teacup Australian Shepherds

The Teacup Australian Shepherd is a very compact and athletic dog. It can be trained very easily to work as a guardian and is extremely devoted to the family. This confident dog is very sensitive and does not like being left alone. Its alertness as well as agility makes it very well suited for a family with an active lifestyle.

Evolution of the Teacup Australian Shepherd

Mini breeders continue to use the pure standard Australian Shepherd bloodlines in order to pass on the traits and characteristics required in the mini lines known as miniature, Toy or Teacup Australian Shepherds.  There are specific guidelines that have been established by the esteemed Miniature Australian Shepherd clubs.

These guidelines are known as the breed standard, which is a requirement for every show dog to meet in order to be part of the conformation shows. It is similar to that of the breed standard followed by the large Australian Shepherds in terms of the characteristics and traits of the body and nature of the dog. However it differs in terms of the size requirement of the Miniature or Teacup Australian Shepherd.

The breed standard for the mini Australian Shepherd refers a standard height for the mini line to range between 14 to 18 inches at the withers, which could result in a weight range of 20 to 40 pounds.

Toy Australian Shepherd

When the minis started following the small sizes then they were utilized to breed more Toy Australian Shepherds, which resulted in the creation of the Teacup Australian Shepherd. When the pups did not meet the required registry standard of height these were classified as Toy puppies. In fact it is amazing that the Toy Australian Shepherd sometimes even falls below the mini standard.

Origin of the Teacup Australian Shepherd

So basically the Teacup Australian Shepherd breed has evolved from the mini, which resulted in the toy and the toy, which has led to the creation of the Teacup Australian Shepherd.

Sizes for the Small Breed of Australian Shepherds

The larger minis range to a maximum of 18 inches in height at the withers and can weigh up to 40 pounds. The smaller minis can weigh from anywhere between 22 pounds to 30 pounds and have a maximum height of 16 inches.

The Toy Australian Shepherd can range to a maximum of 14 inches or below and can weigh a maximum of 20 pounds. The very small Teacup Australian shepherds fall under 12 inches in terms of height at the withers and have a maximum weight of 13 lbs.

The breeders ensure that the best traits and characteristics of the Australian Shepherd are preserved in these dogs regardless of the size.

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