History Of Indian Diamond Jewellery

Want to learn more about the history of Indian diamond jewelry? Read on for a historical overview of diamond mining and jewelry production in India…

Diamond jewelry has a very interesting history associated with India. Historical records show that the land of India was the first region were diamonds were found. It is here that diamond mining started many years ago. Alluvial deposits of this brilliant natural stone were unearthed in India in the olden ages.

Ancient Indian Diamond Jewelry

The Indians associated diamonds with divinity. The first Indian diamond jewelry was created for the purpose of decorating religious icons. According to Indian religious heritage diamonds were believed to be bringers of good fortune. The people believed that those who had diamonds in their possession could harvest good luck by the powers invested in them.

Diamonds were considered to be so powerful and precious for the Indians that the ownership of diamonds was actually controlled. Every caste was restricted to own specific colors of diamonds. Only the ruling king of the time was allowed to possess diamonds in all colors. This goes to show how exclusive diamonds were considered to be amongst the Indians.

The earliest recorded reference concerning Indian diamond jewelry has been found in a sanskrit text known as Arthashastra. This was a historical Buddhist text dating back to 296 BCE. It was in these records that archaeologists were able to find detailed descriptions about diamonds regarding of their specific qualities such as the luster, dispersion and hardness.

After having been mined for some years the trade of diamonds flourished in India both on the eastern and western sides of the country. A number of different cultures recognized diamonds and acquired them for industrial as well as gemological uses. The Chinese would make use of diamonds for the purpose of creating diamond tools that were used for drilling holes in beads and also for engraving precious stones like Jade. Archaeological findings have proven for a fact that the use of diamonds was prevalent in India as early as the fourth century BC. During that time they were used as drill tips.

With the passage of time the quantity of diamonds that was being mined in India increased manifold times. New and innovative designs for diamond jewelry also developed and some of the ancient taboos associated diamond jewelry were also sidelined. The use of diamonds became more popular and Indian diamond jewelry was now being exported beyond its borders.

Nonetheless diamond jewelry was virtually absent from Europe for about a thousand years. This was because the Christians were not very open to accepting the stone because of its historical use in amulets. Furthermore there were strict trade restrictions imposed between India and Europe enforced by the Arabian traders.

Diamond jewelry made its appearance in Europe in the 13th century. Much like it was in India, the use of diamonds was restricted amongst the elite during the initial period. It was not until 1480 that diamond came to be used in wedding rings.

With the passage of time Indian diamond jewelry reached to all corners of the world. It is lauded today, not only for the use of fine diamonds but also because of the exuberant designs and extra ordinary styling.

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