Indian Bridal Accessories

Looking for Indian bridal accessories? Want to know about all the different styles of bridal accessories available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right accessories for you…

Indian weddings are extravagant and lavish affairs spanning more than three days on many occasions with plenty of feasting and merrymaking. In any Indian wedding, the bridal accessories are under the hot gaze of guests and relatives. The richness of the bride’s brocade is a hot topic of discussion and her trousseau is declared open season. Hence Indian bridal accessories are carefully selected to leave no room for gossip.

The key in choosing accessories is that they must coordinate with the bridal wear. Indian bridal accessories encompass bridal jewelry, which is the most important accessories for the bride. Your necklace and ear rings set should be yellow gold to match with your red bridal sari. If there is an abundance of silver brocade, then opt for silver jewelry in keeping with the main theme of your outfit.

Shoes are critical features of Indian bridal accessories as they must match both in color and style with the bridal wear. Stiletto heels are not advised as the bride may be required to walk around the hall and the stilettos are not comfortable shoes for long periods of wear. Choose low heeled shoes for comfort and ensure that they are well padded.

Among the important Indian bridal accessories that you should not overlook is your handbag. Never choose loud or garish colors as they will clash with your outfit. Select gold, black or silver handbags with a strap that you can hang over your shoulder. Clutch purses are not advisable as the wedding ceremony will require you to exchange a number of items with your groom as part of the wedding ritual. Thus your hands must be free.

A look of opulence is what distinguishes an Indian bride on her wedding day. She is regal and majestic in her rich bridal outfit and her bridal accessories must enhance this overall picture of absolute refinement and luxury. Hair accessories should constitute roses and jasmine flowers in keeping with Indian culture. Pins and clips should have faux gems so that they sparkle and shimmer.

Indian bridal accessories are clearly just as important as the bridal wear. They should be chosen with care to highlight and complement the bride’s wardrobe on her wedding day.

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