Indian Bridal Bangles

Bangles are an important part of an Indian bride’s jewelry set. For more facts & information on the different types of bangles available read on…

Indian bridal bangle bracelets are an essential part of the wedding day ensemble. They may be made of silver or gold and are often embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. In some areas of the country, enameled bracelets are popular and come in a variety of colors. Bangles are usually worn on both arms and it is customary for Hindu brides to wear twenty-one bangles.

Indian Wedding Jewelry Sets

In the past the bride’s jewelry represented her dowry or the personal wealth which she brought to the marriage. For this reason, Indian brides often wear a profusion of jewelry which includes necklaces, earrings, bangles, nose rings, anklets, finger and toe rings. Elaborate gold and silver jewelry adorns the bride’s hair and forehead and is often connected with chains to earrings and nose rings. Waistbands and armlets were once popular, but many modern brides choose to forgo these ornaments.

Increasingly, Indian bridal bangles and jewelry are made from inexpensive metals and imitation stones since many brides prefer to save their money for more practical items. Heavy jewelry which is impractical for everyday wear has become fairly rare and many brides wear far less jewelry than was once considered necessary. Bangles remain very popular since they can be worn for both formal and informal occasions and many American and European women wear Indian bridal bangles as accessories.

Engraved Bridal Bangles

Bangle bracelets are available in a variety of widths and may be thin, delicate rings or wide, heavy bands. They are often etched with elaborate designs or set with colored stones. Enameled bracelets are made by fusing colored glass with precious metals and these are popular in certain areas. There are nine regions within the country of India and bridal jewelry styles vary between the different areas.

22 Carat Gold Bridal Bangles

While 14 carat gold is the standard for American jewelry, many Indian bridal bangles are made with 22 carat gold. 22 carat gold is nearly pure and quite soft while 14 carat is mixed with other metals to make it harder and more durable. Many jewelers in India now export their work to American and European countries where the Indian bridal bangles are among the most popular fashion accessories.

Indian bridal bangles are available at ethnic shops and through online retailers. There are designs and styles to suit every taste and every tradition. No longer limited to Indian brides, these beautiful bracelets add style to any outfit or occasion.

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