Indian Bridal Favors

There are several popular options when it comes to Indian bridal favors. For more facts & information on choosing appropriate wedding favors read on…

The tradition of wedding favors is believed to have begun in England and Europe in the 16th century. It became customary for members of the aristocracy to bestow small boxes, called bonbonniere, to wedding guests. The boxes were elaborate and made of precious materials like crystal and porcelain and contained gifts of sugar cubes or confections. Sugar was extremely expensive at the time and was believed to have medicinal qualities.

Over time, the custom of providing small gifts to wedding guests spread to the middle and lower classes and to cultures in other parts of the world. Today, most bridal couples offer small gifts to wedding guests. In some cultures the favors have symbolic meaning, like the 5 Jordan almonds, commonly offered to guests in the Middle East, which represent fertility, wealth, health, happiness and longevity.

Indian Bridal Incense Gifts

The most popular Indian bridal favor today is the gift of incense. Incense is commonly used in Indian religious ceremonies and is a practical gift that guests can use in their homes. It is a relatively inexpensive favor which makes it especially popular with brides who have limited budgets. Incense is often presented to guests in beaded cloth bags or small gift boxes.

Sandalwood And Silk Fans

Sandalwood fans are another inexpensive and attractive wedding favor that speaks to the Indian heritage. For outdoor summer weddings, the fans have a practical side as well. Silk fans are also available although the cost is higher and they are not as clearly related to Indian culture. Sandalwood and lacquer trinket boxes are another popular Indian bridal favor and can be simple or elaborately carved and inlaid with mother of pearl.

Indian Elephant Statues

The elephant represents luck in Indian culture and elephant statuettes are another very popular Indian bridal favor. They are available in wood, lacquer and silver at a variety of price points so most brides can find an elephant favor that is affordable. Elephant keychains, pen holders, book marks and other practical items are available from many internet retailers.

While the giving of favors to wedding guests is not a uniquely Indian tradition, it is a way for couples to share their joy with their friends and family members. Many items can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Shopping for Indian bridal favors can be confusing since there are so many options, so it helps to decide on a particular type of favor before shopping.

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