French Pedicures

Want to learn more about French pedicure? Read our guide to find out how you can do the French pedicure yourself…

A French pedicure is a special beauty treatment for the feet. Women have mixed opinions about this trend as some are totally fascinated by it whereas others find it some what repulsive. A French pedicure leaves your nails looking clean and clear with a special shaded varnish coating. The special coating is known as pearl coating where the tips of the nails are adorned with white nail polish.

Women from the world over visit beauty salons and specialist pedicure spas to give their feet this special treatment. It is believed to be a very relaxing treatment for your feet which leaves them looking clean and trendy in the end.

However when you go for a French pedicure to a beauty salon you may have to pay a certain amount of money that may seem ridiculously high. If you are interested in giving your self a French pedicure but don’t want to spend money on getting it done at the salon then you can actually try it out yourself at home.

DIY French Pedicure

Start off by soaking your feet in warm water adding Epsom salt to it. Alternatively you can use a foot bath with a massager. Keeping your feet in the water you need to smooth the calluses on your feet. A pumice stone works just fine for this purpose. When you are done with this step your feet will have become soft to touch and smooth to feel.

After removing your feet from the water tub pat them dry using a towel and use a lotion to massage your feet up to your ankles. Next get a warm towel and wrap it around your feet for a couple of minutes. This will help to absorb the lotion in your feet making them feel great.

Next up you will require some cuticle cream which needs to be applied at the cuticles on your toenails. This will help to push the toenails back. Use a cuticle cutter to remove all the dead skin that you can. Following this give your nails a decent trimming using a nail cutter. Use a nail file to smoothen the rough edges and bring them into shape.

You will require a clear base coat to paint your toenails to get that traditional French pedicure look. Before you proceed to the next step make sure the pearl coating has nicely dried up. For the next step you need white nail polish which has to be applied on the tips of the toenails using a pen or a conventional brush.

You need to maintain a steady hand and paint only a thin line at the rim of your toenails. You are bound to make some errors when doing it for the first time but worry not as any wrong marks can be corrected using a cotton swab dipped in acetone.

The finishing touch for the French manicure will be provided with another coating of the transparent polish. Allow it to dry and voila you are done with your French pedicure.

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