Indian Bridal Gowns

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Indian bridal gowns display plenty of intricate beadwork and sequins in keeping with the theme of grandeur and opulence prevalent in Indian weddings. The gowns come in two pieces – a short blouse, or bodice, called a choli and a long skirt that is fastened round the hips. A long matching shawl, or dupatta, completes the gown. The shawl is draped over the bride’s head during the wedding ceremony. This ensemble is reminiscent of the lehnga. has a stunning array of exquisite Indian bridal gowns that retail for $1,500 to $1,900. Bridal gowns borrow heavily from Indian traditional bridal outfits like the lehnga. The gowns are richly brocaded and come in a kaleidoscope of colors, from maroon to aquamarine to purple. The gowns are made to order from pure silk.

The lehnga can be converted to a sari and vice versa. The skirt of the bridal gown can be altered to make it of medium length or short from the usual ankle length skirts. Sleeves can be cropped short or the blouse can be totally sleeveless. Blouses, or cholis, can have plunging necklines with generous slits at the back. Many bridal gowns feature handcrafted embroidery and come with matching accessories. Gowns can be purchased online and will be shipped to any part of the world.

Lehnga Indian Bridal Gowns

Indian bridal gowns that feature the lehnga are much in demand in North India and fast gaining ground in South India. Fabrics used are usually silk and brocade. Some gowns are made from chiffon. The gowns are normally in pink, red or orange which are the preferred colors for a wedding. The embroidery is highly unique. It is a secret that is passed from generation to generation, usually from father to son.

Embroidery patterns are traced onto the fabric, which is mounted on a wood frame, in chalk and then various colored thread are used to complete the design. Fancy colored stones and beads are also worked into the fabric. The end result is a bridal gown that is superb and stunning.

Indian bridal gowns are exquisite creations that are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Made from pure silk with brocade and embroidery, bridal gowns are sheer works of art to be treasured for years.

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