Antique French Provincial Sofa

Do you want to get a country French sofa for your home? Have you been wondering about the décor that would be ideal for country French sofas? Read our guide with informative facts to find out more about country French sofas…

If you want to give your cottage or home a historic look nothing can do more justice to your home than a country French sofa. The design of country French sofas dates back to the early 19th century. These sofas have a long standing history behind them since their introduction in Province, France. These sofas are ideal for giving your home a country chic look yet they are very comfortable for seating.

The design of the sofa includes a wooden frame made of solid jointed wood. The sofa is raised from the ground with thin wooden legs and it also sports two arm rests. Normally you would see elegant carvings on the legs as well as the arm rests. The characteristic design of a country French sofa comprises of three distinct arcs on the back of the sofa. French furniture is famous for its ability to bring the outdoors inside and the indoors outside. So  country French furniture not only makes the ideal seating arrangement for you living room but can work equally well on the patio.

Historically the design of country French sofas were developed in the early parts of the 19th century and reached the pinnacle of prominence when they were featured in the courts of French Monarchs like Louis XIII, Louis XIV, and Louis XV. Since they were being used in the King’s court everybody who could afford it wanted to have a country French sofa in their homes.

This led to the large scale production of these pieces. Even today, it is fairly easy to find an authentic antique country French sofa or to find an authentic looking replica of it. The style is one of the more inexpensive varieties of antique furniture. Their historic look makes them the apt choice for cottages and homes with a historic décor.

The fact that the style has been around for almost two centuries has certainly not caused a reduction in their popularity. They are still as popular as when they were first introduced to the French imperial courts. If you go for an authentic antique country French sofa you will most certainly have to refurbish it to some extent. Given their age it may be difficult to find an authentic antique in prim condition. But if you are on putting in the effort needed to refurbish it you can always go for a replica. So if you want to include a piece of furniture in your home with a historical background a country French sofa would be the ideal choice.

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