Indian Bridal Headpieces

Looking for a bridal headpiece for your Indian wedding? Read on for facts & information the history and significance of this piece of Indian bridal jewelry..

Wedding preparations for Indian nuptials are elaborate and the adornments worn by brides are ornate. Bridal jewelry is not simply decorative but also carries religious or symbolic meanings. Indian bridal headpieces are exquisite and for Hindu brides, the tikka, or bridal braid is an important piece. This headpiece is placed along the center part of the hair and has a pendant that is placed in the center of the forehead. The tikka is centered over the sixth chakra and is believed to facilitate concentration, protect against evil and it represents the unity of the newly married couple.

Indian Bridal Nose Rings

While the tikka is compulsory for Hindu brides, other headpieces are popular with all types of Indian brides. Jeweled hair combs and flowers are often used and weaving flowers into the hair is customary in some regions of the country. Often the tikka or hair combs have chains that connect them to earrings or nose rings worn by the bride. Heavy earrings are customary for Indian brides and many choose to wear nose rings for a more ethnic look.

While Western brides customarily wear white to signify purity, white is the color of mourning in India and brides wear bright colors, especially the color red. Bridal dresses or saris often feature gold or silver embroidery and the Indian bridal headpiece should be chosen to match the embroidery on the wedding dress. Traditional Indian bridal jewelry usually is set with either clear or colored stones. Coral and pearls are also commonly used in making bridal sets.

Indian Bridal Jewelry Sets

The Indian bridal headpiece is usually part of a matching bridal set that includes earrings, bangles, rings, anklets and sometimes armlets and waistbands. In the past, the bridal jewelry represented the bride’s dowry or personal wealth which she brought to the marriage. Since bridal jewelry can be very expensive, some brides choose to rent their bridal jewelry or to purchase inexpensive imitation jewelry for their wedding.

American brides of Indian heritage sometimes choose to forego much of the heavy jewelry that is worn by brides in Indian, but the Indian bridal headpiece, or tikka, remains important to those that practice the Hindu religion. Brides who opt for Western style bridal gowns will find that many designers offer their bridal gowns in colors other than white, quite often in red, for brides of Asian heritage. The combination of East and West can be stunning and an exotic Indian bridal headpiece is a beautiful addition to any bridal outfit.

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