Indian Female Designer Suits Black Colour

Want to buy Indian female designer suits in black color? Read on to find out about the kind of variety you will be able to find in black Indian designer suits…

India is a fashion forward country and their designer suits for women and men are popular all over the world. The basic Indian fashion revolves around traditional clothes which differ from region to region. The cuts, styles, embroidery and other embellishments vary as you move from states and townships. There is a marked difference in the average daily clothes and Indian female designer suits available in the country.

Indian Female Designer Suits in Black Colour

As India has become the global fashion center for ethnic and eastern wear there seems to be a combination of Indo-Western clothing available in the market. There are many designers who prefer to create original and unique designs for women and prefer the color black to highlight the different cuts and embellishments of the outfits.

Different Indian Female Designer Creations

One of the most popular black outfits can be considered the Indian sari. Satya Paul has a range of female sari ensembles with beautifully painted black and red motifs and prints which are complemented by a stately black blouse to offset the print.

A popular creator for Indian female designer suits in black colour is the fashion designer J J Valaya, who is known for his heavily embellished Indian outfits. A good example of one of the black designer suits for women created by him is the lengha choli which is similar to a Western full length skirt and a short blouse that finishes above the midriff. It is often complimented by a long scarf which is more than 3 1/2 m long. For a more regal look it is combined with a front open coat. Normally the materials utilized are satin, raw silk or velvet for a rich and strong material to create the base of the outfit. This is worked with beads, silk thread for embroidery, crystals and shiny metallic silver or gold thread.

Another popular Indian female designer suit in black color was launched by Ritu Beri who is popular for contemporary outfits. The gypsy skirt in solid black is paired with high boots and a ruffled long-sleeved top. Inspired by the Indian landscape, multicolored thread is used to create embroidery on the waist of the skirt and the boots.

Traditional Indian Female Designer Suits in Black Color

The traditional salwar kameez is available from different designers and has evolved from a basic outfit into a high-class designer element of clothing. The normal evening wear outfits are created in heavy materials like silk, Georgette, chiffon or satin. Georgette and chiffon are dyed in black and embellished with silver wire making them look like a dark backdrop with silver crystals on top. Interesting embroidery is replicated on the neck and sleeves along with the yoke of the outfit. The pants are either straight cut or follow a very wide leg. These are worked on with embroidery thread, crystals and beads to create a rich and intricate border.

Another popular outfit especially for wedding wear for Indian females is the gharara which is a two legged skirt that has embroidery all over it and pleats at knee length. The area above the knee is often worked with beautiful embroidery or borders. The shirt and scarf are created out of materials which are lighter and drape well on the body. A good thing is that these basic Indian female designer suits in black color can be dressed up or down with accessories and embroidery.

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