Blackfoot Indian Clothing

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Blackfoot Indian clothing was made from material that was easily available, mostly deer skin and antelope hide. Women wore long deer skin dresses with fringes. They also made all the clothes in the tribe. They decorated all the clothes beautifully with beads, porcupine quills and feathers. They also wore bracelets and earrings made from seashells. Occasionally, they used different metals to make jewelry. Beads were also worn around their necks or in their hair.

The Blackfoot Indian clothing for men consisted of leggings that were worn up to the hips. Their footwear was moccasins and they also wore loin cloths. Men secured a belt around their hips which held up their leggings. They wore robes made from buffalo hide most of the time, and occasionally they would wear buckskin shirts. Men who had distinguished themselves as brave warriors would wear a necklace of grizzly bear claws.

Blackfoot Indian clothing for children, especially the boys, resembled the adults in that the boys would be dressed in leggings and a loin cloth with moccasins on their feet. Sometimes they also sported a plain shirt. They wrapped themselves in buffalo robes to keep warm. Often, they covered their heads with it to protect against severe cold weather.

The Blackfoot Indian clothing for Chiefs of the tribe was very elaborate and grand. Their headdresses were tall and feathered. Their hair was in three braids with a top knot. The women had loose hair which was sometimes braided in two long braids. As part of their accessories, they would paint their faces for special occasions. The decorative art on their faces differed between festive occasions, ceremonies and war. Iron was used to produce a reddish dye that was used as paint. Minerals provided other colors like green and orange. The buffalo’s gall bladder provided the yellow pigment. They obtained beads from trading in fur with European settlers.

Blackfoot Indian clothing was mainly derived from animal skins and the hides of buffalo provided warmth for winter. Elaborate styles were reserved for the Chief of the tribe whilst women usually decked themselves in jewelry made from shells. Youngsters had clothes that mimicked the adults and all clothing for the tribe was made by the women.

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