Indian Fried Bread

Want to learn how to make the Indian fried bread? Did you always want to sink your teeth into fluffy, delicious, homemade Indian fried bread? Then, read our informative article to get a recipe that is quick to make yet a success each time you try it.

Indian fried bread is a very popular delicacy in southwest India. You will usually find this delicacy being served at festivals, school carnivals, fairs and markets. It is very popular as a base for various toppings and with a little bit of creativity you can create all sorts of culinary delights with it. The Indian fried bread is a big hit with children particularly when served with sweet toppings like powdered sugar and cinnamon or a favorite jelly. But this is not to say that they don’t taste good with spicy toppings. They are equally mouth-watering when served with a range of veggie or meat toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, taco meat or chicken. Here is a very easy recipe to make the very popular Indian fried bread.

You will need

4 cups of flour
Powdered milk, 1 generous handful of
1 tbsp baking powder
1 ½ cups of water
2 cups of vegetable oil
1 tsp salt

To start with you will need to get into the task with your hands. Take a large bowl and put the flour, baking powder and salt in it. Now add the powdered milk and water to the mixture and with your hands kneed it well till it isn’t sticky anymore. You may need to add flour or water depending on the firmness or stickiness of the mixture

Once the dough is ready, start making golf ball sized balls of it and then flatten these to form circles about 6 inches cross.

Now poke a hole in the middle of the flat circle and they should be ready for frying. In a large deep frying pan pour at least one inch of oil and once its hot fry the dough circles. Cook them on each side for a few minutes because you want them to turn into a delicious looking golden brown

After the dough circles are golden brown on both sides, remove them from the oil and drain the excess oil by placing them on a paper towel

And that’s all there is to making the famous Indian fried bread. You can get really creative with the toppings though, try an assortment of them like cooked taco beef, or spicy roast chicken. For vegetarians, you can opt for shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes or grated cheese. If you are making them for your kids go for sweet toppings like cinnamon and sugar, or their favorite jelly.

You can easily store this bread for almost a month in the refrigerator, just toss it into a refrigerator bag and put it away in the freezer; all you will have to do is heat it in the oven before serving it. Include a topping of your choice. Indian fried bread makes an ideal and wholesome snack for any time of the day or for those night-time hunger pangs. So try this recipe at home.

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