Indian Jewellery Tikka

Want to buy an Indian jewelry Tikka? Read on to find out about the variety of designs in Indian jewelry tikkas that you will be able to find in the market…

The Tikka is a distinctive jewelry article that is unique to the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally the use of the Tikka was restricted for the bride. With the passage of time however the Tikka became an important fashion accessory for Indian women. However it was only on special occasions like wedding ceremonies, religious gatherings and cultural events that women would be seen wearing the Tikka.

Different regions of India have their own aesthetic sensibilities for designing the Tikka. Furthermore different techniques are employed especially with regards to the intricate carvings and stone settings. The choice of materials also differs according to the region as well as personal preference. The Tikka is essentially a headpiece that is pinned on the center of the head and made to hang down on the forehead.

Some fine examples of the kind of Indian jewelry Tikka designs that you will be able to find in the market are as follows:

Gold plated Turquoise Beaded Headpiece Tikka

This particular example is based on the traditional mang style which entails that the tikka will be placed on the center of the head while the hair has been parted from the center. A brilliantly decorated gold plated headpiece will hang down till the forehead.  Traditional turquoise beads have been used to decorate this headpiece in the much lauded polki design. You will be able to get your hands on this gold plated turquoise beaded headpiece tikka for about US$19.

Red Indian Headpiece Tikka

This is one of the all-time classic styles when it comes to the Indian   jewelry tikka. The gold plated headpiece is adorned with faux pearls and charming red beads. The extravagant setting and the use of the color red has made it a popular bridal wear jewelry article. These kinds of designs have been popular amongst Indian women for many ages and continue to appeal to the modern generations as well. You can get your hands on this Indian Tikka jewelry for about $17.

There are plenty of other varieties when it comes to Indian tikka designs and styles giving you the chance to choose one according to your sense of aesthetics or one that matches best with your outfit for the particular occasion. In general the fancy tikka designs seem to be most popular especially for important occasions like wedding ceremonies. You will be able to find a wide range of elegant fancy tikkas in mixed hanging designs. Fancy Tikkas are available in both gold and silver and vary in terms of the attention to detail in design.

Then you have the simpler designs which are extremely cost effective. These are ideal for religious festivals and cultural occasions where you do not have to dress in fancy clothing. A new variety of tikkas is the stick on oxidized gold and silver tikkas. These are extremely easy to wear and you can get them for as low as four dollars

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