Indian Motorcycle Handlebars

Handlebars are one of the ways that riders express their taste in bikes. Indian motorcycle handlebars are no different. Handlebars come in several shapes and are chosen based on the driver’s taste, comfort, and how he uses the bike …

You might think that the concept of Indian motorcycle handlebars was quite simple: a pair of handlebars for an Indian motorcycle. In some regard that is true, but there are many different styles of handlebars that appeal to different riders. In order from most acute angle to most obtuse angle when viewed from the front, the main handlebar styles for an Indian motorbike include: Clubman, Ltd., Nighthawk, Daytona, GP Touring, Superbike, European, and Dragbar.

The handlebars of an Indian motorcycle are the interface between the rider and the bike. Different types of handlebars have different characteristics. They come in different lengths and sizes. Cruiser handlebars are usually chrome and are long and nice looking. On the other hand, sport handlebars are shorter and straighter. Off-road and motocross handlebars run from medium to short in length. The reason for this is control. Shorter handlebars give the rider greater control, which they need when racing and sport riding. The cruiser handlebars are longer for more comfort over longer distances.

Motorcycle handlebars can be made of a number of different materials, including carbon fiber, chrome plated steel, aluminum alloys, and titanium. Some models even have heater elements added for warmth during cold weather rides, which is a very welcome addition in climates with cold winters. They might be chrome colored, black, blue, or really any other color.

There are also extreme styles of handlebars, such as “ape hangers.” These are the handlebars that are so high that the driver has to reach above his head to put his hands on them. If you want to get this style of handlebar, it’s a good idea to check local ordinances, because some places have restrictions on how high this kind of handlebar can be.

On the other end of the spectrum are drag bars. Looked at from the front, they make an almost perfect straight horizontal line and they’re short, forcing the driver to lean forward. This results in a more aerodynamic profile, hence lowering the “drag” from the wind.

But that’s not all there is to motorcycle handlebars. There are many more ways to customize handlebars. For example, you can choose different motorcycle grips. They might be decorated with flame designs, or studs. They might be wide or narrow. Between the type of handlebars and the type of grips, there are almost countless handlebar options for the Indian motorcycle.

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