Indian Motorcycle Parts

Want to buy Indian motorcycle parts? Read on for facts and info on where you can find genuine Indian motorcycle parts…

Indian motorcycles were manufactured in the early 20th century and have been a collector’s item since then due to their high performance value and quality manufacturing. The unique style of the Indian motorcycle has made it popular with all age groups. The classic and sleek lines are very attractive and the motorcycle itself is comfortable to ride. In fact the Indian motorcycle is credited to be the first V-twin bike introduced to consumers.

The Indian motorcycle is one of the first motorcycles manufactured in the United States of America. It is still popular and most of the older models are collector’s items today. For this reason Indian motorcycle parts are desired by collectors and it is always interesting to find out details and information if you are a fan of the classic Indian motorcycle or a collector.

In fact fans and collectors from all over the world enjoy the discussion of Indian motorcycle functions, its maintenance and the different parts of the machine on a global Internet platform.

Indian Motorcycle Parts

Since the manufacturers have concentrated a great deal on the design and function of this motorcycle it is recommended to always utilize genuine Indian motorcycle parts to keep the bike functioning in prime condition.

Unfortunately, people tend to compromise on parts and this may lead to unnecessary wear and tear of the machine as well as be a cause for accidents. When looking for Indian motorcycle parts it is recommended to shop at reliable dealers and online stores.

Indian Overdrive Transmission

This transmission is also available for sale in the market. This is a three gear transmission and has similar ratios to the OEM transmission. This transmission has another gear which allows the bike to reach a speed of 72 mph while the engine functions at 2950 RPM. This is achieved by utilizing the large sprocket and a high quality standardized tire.

The King Clutch

The King clutch comes with fiber plates, springs and steel plates. These high quality clutch plates are tumbled for a good finish and created by utilizing precision die cutting on the 6061-T6 clutch plates.

In order to ensure longevity and high-performance the clutch plates are then acid etched and Kevlar fiber is pasted on the plates once they have been cured. The bonding agent utilized in this process is applied by using 40 tons of pressure along with immense heat and this allows the fiber to mold out the oil grooves also.

Hex Head Bolts and Cotter Pin Kits

If you’re looking to purchase the Hex Head Bolts you must know the basic features of the part. These are quality grade 8 and do not have any markings on them but they are cad plated. The light duty lock washers on them are now available in different sizes. You can even get the Indian motorcycle tall headboards and the cotter pin kits in stainless steel. Again these are available in grade 8 quality and are not marked. However, you are able to purchase them without any plating or if you prefer you can get the cad plated bolts.

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