Gold History In Tulare County California

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Gold history in Tulare County, California is a very interesting subject, one that is part of the great western movement across America. This county produced a large number of gold mines in history, more than sixty in all. When all of the gold recovered in Tulare County through the years is added up, these mines produced more than twenty one thousand ounces of gold in total. The county is situated almost in the very middle of California, with the Sierra Nevada mountains off to the east. This made it a prime location for numerous mines and prospecting attempts.

Two Districts

Tulare County, California gold mining history includes two different districts, because the county was divided. These districts were named the White River District and the Mineral King District. Of the two the White River District played a bigger part in gold mining history, and was more successful. Most of the mines in this part of Tulare County were discovered in the year 1853. The Mineral King District did see some success with this ore, but a majority of the gold from mining in the area came from the White River District. The countryside still has a number of unproductive and abandoned gold mines present today, many of which are closed off  for safety reasons.

Different Types Of Ore

In Tulare County, California gold history is often combined with that of other ores and metals. Not all of the gold from this county came from mines intended to recover this valuable ore. Some of the mines were created to recover other types of ore, and the gold found was just a lucky byproduct. Both copper and silver are ore that was commonly mined in past history here, and many of these produced the valuable byproduct in small amounts. Deer Creek Mine is one of these, and it was created as a silver mine. Where the Tulle River forks in three spots, around thirty minutes south of the town of Porterville,  you can still find old copper mines which can date back to the eighteen hundreds. These mines also produced some gold.

The First Settlers

Before Tulare County, California made gold history it belonged to the Native Americans. The first settlers who came to the area were led by a man named John Woods. When they reached Tulare County they built a cabin, for travelers heading west to rest at. A town sprang up and was called Woodsville in honor of John Woods. With the Gold Rush many travelers were heading past Tulare County, and in December of 1850 the little town was destroyed and almost all of the inhabitants massacred by the Native American tribe. Eventually settlers came back to the area, and gold was discovered.

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