Indian Paper Dolls

Have you always been fascinated by Indian paper dolls? Do you want to find out more about how to make Indian paper dolls? Read on for facts & information…

Paper dolls can be a fascinating and educational toy and making them can be a lot of fun involving quite a bit of creativity. If you are looking for paper doll patterns you will simply need to open one of the free coloring pages and books that often have excellent black and white drawn images. You can also find exquisite art, which can be successfully used to make Indian paper dolls. Making these dolls is a wonderful way to teach your child about the various indigenous tribes across the USA and Canada. You can also download material from the Internet. Alternatively, Indian paper dolls can be a very useful resource for teaching your class about Indian culture.

To make Indian paper dolls you will need some card stock for the figurine and colored pencil paper for the clothes.

Start the process by choosing characters for you Indian paper dolls. You may have to get a printout to make sure that the size is appropriate to make Indian paper dolls. Now make two copies of the character that you have selected for your doll. Meticulously cut out the figures that you want for the Indian paper dolls. For the attire, cut the clothes from figure one; you will have to trim the bulk of the sleeve, long skirts and pants, almost leaving the dolls in its underwear, so to speak.

Now take a photocopy of figure one. Draw a rectangle around the feet of the figure, which should measure an inch on either side of the feet. It should be half an inch wide. Now cut the figure along with this rectangular stand.

Next cut a slit on both sides of the rectangle about half an inch from each end. The slit should measure ¼ inch and should be cut from the bottom up. Cut out two small rectangles from the card stock. These should fit into the slits making the dolls stand straight.

Now, draw tabs at the waist, shoulder and arms. These will be used for the clothing. If you are making male Indian dolls, don’t forget to draw tabs along the pant legs as well. Then, go crazy with the clothing; use your coloring pencils creatively to make colorful clothing for your Indian paper dolls. Remember that figure one stands almost naked so you are coloring the clothes on figure two, carefully cut out the outfit from figure two, including the tabs. Use these cut outs on the card stock paper doll. Fold the tabs against the legs, shoulders and arms to secure them in place. And you Indian paper dolls should be ready for use.

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