Indian Suit Designs

Want to learn more about Indian suit designs? Read on to find out about different kinds of designs for Indian suits and discover the perfect Indian suit design for your style…

The Shalwar Kameez is considered to be the all-time classic traditional national dress for Indian women. This unique attire is made up of three pieces known as the Kurta, which is the top, a shalwar, which is the bottom and a long draping cloth which is either worn across the shoulders or over the head and is known as the duppata.

The above mentioned are the standard components of this traditional Indian suit. However the Shalwar Kameez can be designed in many different ways to produce a completely different look. Different designs of this traditional Indian suit have existed in India for thousands of years. Each region has its own separate way of making and wearing the Shalwar Kameez. Furthermore contemporary fashion designers have experimented with the traditional dress and as a result many new and innovative Shalwar Kameez designs have come about that factor in modern aesthetics as well.

Popular Indian Suit Designs

One of the things that make the traditional Indian suit an extremely versatile attire is the fact that you can create limitless designs to suit your preference and style. For example one of the most modern and fashionable designs is the parallel trouser style shalwar kameez suits. This is worn with a relatively short Kameez on the top. Then you have the traditional churidar shalwar kameez which has deep historical, cultural and ethnic significance yet it continues to appeal to the modern masses. This particular style is often favored for wedding ceremonies and other such honorable occasions. The pajami kameez is another unique variation that gives off a very smart look especially for today’s women. Indian suit designs have also been influenced by other cultures especially the neighboring Afghani and Pakistani styles.

Apart from the style and cut of the shalwar kameez it can be adorned in many different ways to create innovative looks. For example Indian embroidered shalwar kameez are renowned all over the world for their intricate and complex handmade designs. Many times exquisite gold and silver threads are used to create exotic embroidery work on traditional Indian suits.

Indian Suit Designs Are For All

Irrespective of who you are, where you are coming from, your size and your age, you will be able to find Indian suit designs that will be the perfect fit for you.

The shalwar kameez can look just as good on heavy ladies as well as the petite ones. If you can’t find a ready made Indian suit that does justice to your body type then you always have the option to go for tailor made Indian suits based on the design of your choice.

In fact the option of getting tailor made Indian suits allows you to customize different aspects of the design to suit your sense of aesthetics. Shalwar kameez designs can be based on seasons, fashion trends and occasions and hence you will have plenty of variety to choose from.

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