Mexican Patio Furniture

Are you looking to deck out the patio to give it that authentic rustic feel? Mexican patio furniture is an affordable and simple way to instantly create a beautiful rustic terraced area to entertain friends and family. Read our guide for more facts &

The patio area is a unique combination of indoor-type furniture, in an outdoor or semi-outdoor setting. Patios are traditionally used for entertaining guests, so it seems obvious that it needs to be furnished in a relaxed, yet functional and inviting way. Mexican patio furniture does just that, with a captivating blend of materials that include, but are not limited to wood, leather, copper, iron, tile and terracotta. Color schemes bring to mind serene desert landscapes, with the occasional splash of contrasting blue hues that can be present in mosaics and hand painted furniture.

What to Look For

Wood is perfect for the patio area, in that it effortlessly brings together the functionality of man-made design with natural materials that seamlessly blend with the outdoor area. Wood furniture may need to be further treated with varnish or similar, to prevent excessive warping, cracking or weathering, particularly if it is made out of pine. Popular choices for wooden patio furniture include bars, long tables, benches and chairs. Twig furniture is also a popular choice, and will also need to be weather proofed on a regular basis.

Equipale is a Mexican exclusive, which uses a combination of durable wooden strips and hand-tanned, dyed pigskin leather to upholster chairs and tables, and sometimes larger pieces such as bars and sofas. The traditional rich burnished tone of the leather can instantly warm up any patio area, giving the illusion of the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience. The leather can also be dyed different colors to deepen the tone or provide a bright splash of color. Leather may need to be further treated with waterproofing agents to prevent staining and general weathering in outdoor settings.

Metal accents such as copper are often used in conjunction with antique or reclaimed wood, and can give a beautiful, rich sienna tone to any outdoor area. Be wary, however, that the copper components do not come in contact with excessive moisture. Tables and chairs that feature copper often also incorporate elegant wrought iron legs and adornments.

Wrought iron can also be a material used on its own for patio furniture. It is characterised by beautiful curves and intricate weaves that echo natural surroundings. Wrought iron table tops and chairs can often include mosaic detail which can instantly brighten any patio area with vivid color. Be mindful, however, that wrought iron can be extremely heavy.


Accessories and Mexican style accents are a must-have to complement Mexican furniture in the patio area. It helps to seamlessly blend the patio with both the indoor luxuries and the outdoor garden. Accessories can include traditional Mexican wares, such as chimineas and hammocks, as well as Mexican themed accents such as mosaics, lanterns, cacti and Mexican weave blankets.

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