Currency and Money in Iran

Money in Iran

Looking for some information on the money used in Iran? Get up-to-scratch with Iranian currency and learn your rial from your toman.

The currency in Iran, or the money used, is called the rial (pronounced ˜reeyaal”). The rial is like the dollar or a pound in that is made up of 100 pieces, in Iran called dinars. However, due to high inflation one riyal is worth so little that no fraction of it is really used on a day to day basis.

The rial was first introduced as the currency in Iran in 1798 as a coin. Back then it was worth 1250 dinars. Then in 1825 the rial ceased to be issued. The kran of 1000 dinars was then issued as part of a decimal system. The rial replaced the kran at par in 1932, although it was divided into one hundred (new) dinars.

When talking money in Iran you may hear the term “toman”. The toman is an old term but is no longer an official currency. However it is is still used on a daily basis in Iran and it refers to the amount of ten rials.

Unlike the dollar or pound the Iranian currency has no official symbol.

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