Iranian Embassy London

Information about the Iranian Embaddy in London including contact address and telephone number.

Iranian Embassy Addresses

The UK Iranian Embassy is based in South London:

Iranian Embassy
16, Prince’s Gate,

If you need to visit the Embassy for Visas then they are located in West London as opposed to South London:

Iranian Embassy, Visa Section
50, Kensington Court,
W8 5DB

Iranian Embassy Opening Times

The Iranian Embassy opening times are from Monday to Thursday, 09.00-13.00 and Fridays, 9.00-12.00

Iranian Embassy Website

The Iranian Embassy website provides some excellent resources, primarily covering the following areas; Political Affairs between Iran and the UK, Trade and Investment in Iran, Press and PR, Iranian Tourism and Consular Affairs.

Iranian Embassy History

The Iranian Embassy is best known for events in 1980 when 6 gunmen held 26 people hostage within the Embassy building.

The hostage takers were principally demanding independence for an area within Iran called Khuzestan but their demands changed as time progressed to include the release of fellow terrorists being held in Iranian jails.

The events were key fuel in the lead up to the Iran –Iraq war as it emerged that the individuals had been funded and trained for the mission by the Iraq government.

The gunmen had been told by the Iraqi government that a Jordanian ambassador would take personal responsibility for their safe passage out of the Iranian Embassy and back home. However, it was soon very clear to the gunmen that these promises were false and that there would be no way of this happening. For this reasons, their plans fell apart and the situation with the Iranian Embassy became extremely dangerous and culminated in the killing of an Iranian hostage on day six of the siege.

At this point it was necessary for the SAS to intervene to save the situation. Events at the Iranian Embassy thus fell under the watchful eye of the media and the activities of SAS personnel as they stormed the building were under close scrutiny.

The intervention led to 19 of the hostages being saved and five of the gunmen being killed.

Events at the Iranian Embassy then came under detailed scrutiny when it emerged that two of the gunmen had surrendered – and thrown down their weapons, yet were still killed by SAS personnel.

Years after the siege, Iran and the UK compensated each other for damage done to the Embassy in London and damage done to the British Embassy during the Islamic Revolution in Tehran.

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