Brown Irish Setters

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Variety Of Brown Irish Setters

Brown Irish setters actually have a dark mahogany or chestnut coat, which is silky and long. They were derived in Ireland from various breeds including the pointer, spaniel and Red and White setter breeds from Scotland. In Ireland, brown Irish setters were chiefly used as hunting dogs in wide open spaces where they excelled in hunting game and pointing at upland birds. Their superior tracking abilities make Irish setters the dogs of choice when picking a hunting dog.

Nowadays, brown Irish setters are mostly dog show champions where their beautiful fur and excellent bone structure made them stand out from other breeds to clinch the top prizes. Some show dogs have gained success and renown as field championship dogs. Irish setters with impeccable pedigree are pure bred from studs whose bloodline can be traced for several generations.

As brown Irish setters are not aggressive by nature, these dogs make perfect household pets and are very good around children due to their calm and even temperament. Irish setters like to please their masters and must be given plenty of exercise to burn off their excess energy. These dogs like to run around and thrive on attention.

Keeping Brown Irish setters

With their excellent sense of smell, brown Irish setters are perfectly suited for the outdoors and fields. They can be trained to retrieve things, including shot game. When they sit on point, they can flush out game for hunters who often rear Irish setters.

Irish setters can have an independent streak and must therefore be trained from young to obey commands. These dogs are highly intelligent and high spirited. They must be properly nurtured to bring out their best qualities.

In the family home, brown Irish setters will flourish on human companionship and eagerly waits on its masters. They must be given good exercise to prevent hyper-activity or destructive tendencies from developing. Irish setters must be given due attention and care to develop their best attributes.

Brown Irish setters are ideal home pets and show dogs. Their energy and speed make them wonderful hunting dogs and suitable companions for hunters out to shoot wild pheasants and upland birds. They must be given proper care, exercise and attention to maintain their desirable characteristics.

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