Castles in Ireland

Want to know about castles in Ireland? Discover some of the most impressive castle buildings spread across the country…

It is always a must for visitors to Ireland to get a load of some of the unique castles that the country has to offer. Many travelers to the region actually plan their trips around castle visits. Even if you don’t plan your trip according to castle visits you are bound to come across some fantastic castles all the way from Dublin to Ring of Kerry.

Amongst the essential things that you should carry with you when going to tour castles is an umbrella and a jacket because the weather in Ireland is very unpredictable. You should always be wearing comfortable shoes and don’t forget that camera!

Popular Irish Castles

Blarney Castle in the Blarney Village is one of the most frequented structures of Ireland. It is situated about 8 km northwest from the southern Ireland region of Cork City. The site has become a world landmark over the years. Most travelers to Ireland would not want to miss a chance to see this impressive structure. The castles also houses the Blarney Stone which has its own legendary tale and superstitious belief around it.

The Dublin Castle is yet another revered castle structures located at the River Liffey in Dublin. The famous structure with its elegance and beauty is a must to explore for the tourists. Visitors will be able to enjoy a 45 minute guided tour of the castle along with which there are great eateries out in the castle vaults to enjoy. Tours of the castle are scheduled for every half hour.

Amongst the revered castles of Ireland is the magnificent Carrickfergus Castle located on the shores of Belfast. Also situated close by are the Maynooth Castle in County Kildare and King John’s Castle at Limerick.

The castles vary in terms of their architecture and feel. Some castles are built upon mottes which are basically mounds of earth. Courtyards are a prominent feature of Ireland castles along with which you will be able to explore the castle keeps, twin towered gateways, stone fortresses, drawbridges and moats. Some castles featuring towers can have as many as six in number such as the Kilkenny Castle. However, only four out of the six remain standing today.

The kings and princes to whom these Irish castles originally belonged are long gone. The bulk of these castles have been restored in a manner so as to retain their original beauty yet they have been turned into hotels. Visitors will not only get a chance to explore the castles rather they can have a feel of how it is like to live in them.

Amongst the popular castle hotels in Ireland are the Ballyseede Castle Hotel in County Kerry, Clontarf Castle in Dublin and the Kinnity Castle in County Offaly. Whether you are looking to stay in these castle hotels during your visit or you want to plan a castle tour then it is advised that you make your bookings and reservations in advance.

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