Self-Catering Vacations Croatia

Spending a vacation in the beautiful Mediterranean setting of Croatia is always a wonderful idea. But a self-guided vacation in Croatia is an adventure of a special kind. Read on for more information and suggestions…

Your visit to Croatia would be under your control rather than going where and when the tour guide chooses to take you.  If you’d like to stay a little longer in a particular spot, you could.  If you’d like to skip that shop or event, you could.  Relaxed and flexible or rushed … which sounds better?  You’d be in control.

A self-guided tour could be a significantly less expensive vacation.  You would have the option to enjoy the local culture more by shopping at the local market or buying essential food items from the local grocery.  This would always be significantly less expensive than eating every meal in a restaurant or hotel.

Croatia Villa Rentals

As water is a dominant tourist element for Croatia, it would be a shame if visitors could not enjoy a dip in its crystal clear blue water.  However, depending on when you would be visiting, there are times when the beaches would be very crowded.

The solution to that problem is as simple as renting a villa, apartment or cottage.  Most all have pools and are abundant throughout the entire country.  Some offer exclusive pools and some units come with shared pools for a lesser charge.

A typical apartment available for rental would include such facilities and amenities as a fully equipped kitchen, guest bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, BBQ grill, and parking. While an average cottage would have fewer options, a villa would have more options.

Self Catering Apartments Split

The city of Split is one of the key tourist areas in Croatia.  There are many attractions found in this port city that was named after a common shrub. One of the popular sites in the area is the pearl of the city – the Diocletian Roman palace.  Having a fully manageable schedule, one can leisurely visit the beautiful attractions within the city, some of which have made the UNESCO world heritage list.

Visiting the several cafés and restaurants in the quiet corners of the old town is definitely recommended.  They are excellent places to enjoy the sociable locals, well known for their love of singing, food and drink.

The cultural city is also legendary for its abundance of beautiful women. Croatia has always been on the list of places considered to have the most beautiful women. Some say it might be due to the ideal blend of Slavic and Mediterranean gene.

The Fortified Town of Zadar

One of the oldest cities in Croatia, Zadar has existed for three thousand years.  Embracing the town is its fortified medieval walls that protect the area’s historic ports, towers, palaces and renowned Romanesque churches.

Shopping for food allows the chance for bonding time and tasting the local flavour.  A visit to Zadar’s colourful fish markets, always bustling with life, is a fun experience.  Later, the waterfront would be an ideal spot to relax and admire a beautiful sunset.

Dubrovnik – The Pearl of the Adriatic

Rich in cultural and historical monuments, the town of Dubrovnik is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Being Croatia’s most visited site, the old city may well be the high point of anyone’s Croatian holiday.  The city’s marble streets are lined with remarkable baroque buildings, and marvellously sculpted Renaissance fountains and facades abound within the city proper.

Starting from the historical center there is a chain of beaches that spreads out and simply calls for a gentle basking in the sun.  The blue seawater offers a view of various forested islands.

Wonderful Croatia has many more fascinating sites just waiting for a visit. The possibilities are endless.

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