Fighting Irish Tattoo

Looking for a fighting Irish tattoo? Want to know about all the different styles of fighting tattoos available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right tattoo for you…

Variety of Fighting Irish Tattoo

The Celts were known for their bravery and strong sense of pride. They emigrated to the Irish isles from Central Europe in waves between 2000BC and 500BC. The ancient Irish were famed as warriors and existed in clans. Many brave warriors had a fighting Irish tattoo on their faces, most notably on the cheeks and forehead. The fighting tattoos were inked in indigo blue with ink made from the leaves of the woad plant.

These fighting Irish tattoos on the skin of warriors made them appear fearsome and intimidating to the enemy. The Ken rune was a tattoo that was believed to provide a warrior with bravery and courage on the battlefield. It was the sign of the flame and gave men the fiery impetus to domineer and crush the enemy.

Fighting Irish tattoo also took the form of the oak tree which was admired by ancient Irish for its stability and strength. Having an oak tattoo guaranteed a fighter the impregnable strength of this mighty tree. As the Celtic people lived in warring clans on the fresh lookout for a fight with an invading tribe, their brave young men measured their progress to adulthood with their success on the battlefield.

One of the most coveted fighting Irish tattoos was the arrow Celtic knot. This particular tattoo was in the shape of a special Irish knot that resembled the head of an arrow. The arrow was believed to grant power to the bearer of the tattoo. And the brotherhood of the arrow was a term that referred to the sense of kinship that men from different clans felt for each other when they came together as one to charge against a single enemy.

Choosing An Irish tattoo

When you’ve decided to get yourself an Irish tattoo, your body art should reflect the heritage and culture of the Celtic people of Ireland. You can pick from an astonishingly wide array of tattoos depicting knots, crosses, spirals, the shamrock or the clover. The choices are literally endless. Browse reputable Irish tattoo websites for the right tattoo design for you, then get a professional tattoo artist to imprint your skin with the symbol.

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