Haunted Castles in Ireland

Interested in haunted castles in Ireland? Discover the spookiest castles and the thrills that they have to offer…

Hundreds of castles are spread across the country of Ireland. A number of these castles are believed to be haunted and serve as great tourist attractions for the more adventurous spirited travelers to the region. From ghosts on the roof tops to stories of strange aspirations you will get to hear and see it all in the haunted castles in Ireland.

Some of the most popular haunted castles in Ireland are as follows:

Charleville Forest Castle in Tullamore, County Offaly

This awe inspiring structure is an eerie place where many strange things have been witnessed. It is believed to house the first earl of Charleville which haunts a tower in the Forest Castle. Amongst the strange things to be found in this castle is the Initiation Circle from the Druids. The haunted castle has plenty of room to spend the night in search of ghosts and other ghouls.

Clonony Castle in Shannon Harbour, County Offaly

This sixteenth century ruin is believed to house an unidentified ghost. Many people have seen a man stand atop the towers dressed up in ragged classic clothing. The site of the man has been witnessed by many of those who pass by and different accounts seem to match the description. This is a unique phenomenon that drives many people to visit the Clonony Castle.

Kilkea Castle in Castledermot, County Kildare

This castle is definitely not for the faint hearted. The back wall of the castle has a somewhat scary painting of a half man half animal high up above the ground. The carving has been termed as the Evil Eye Stone and is one of the most unusual features of this castle. According to Irish legend the ghost of Earl Gerald comes back from his grave to fight the enemies of the country.

Leap Castle in County Offaly

This unique castle tops the list of haunted castles in Ireland. The strange castle has a host of other worldly experiences to offer to its visitors. This is one place that even many of the locals don’t have the heart to visit. Reports indicate that during the wee hours of the night the windows on the top level of the castle light up for unknown reasons.

The castle is believed to have a dark past. This was a place where a priest was murdered more than four hundred years ago, and that too by the hands of his very own brother. The murder took place during the High Mass and is now known as the bloody chapel.

The castle also houses a dungeon where prisoners were tortured beyond what is bearable by an average human being. The torture cell has the rack, thumbscrews, and the iron maiden amongst its torture tools. The clean up of the castle back in 1900 resulted in the discovery of piles of human skeletons on top of each other. With such a notorious past it is no wonder that the castle tops the list as the scariest place to visit in all of Ireland.

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