Amatrice Italy

Want to know more about Amatrice, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this small Italian town situated in Lazio…

Located on the boundary between Abruzzo and Lazio is a small town reminiscent of medieval times by the name of Amatrice. Famous for its unique recipe for Italian pasta sauce and a 14th century civic tower, Amatrice was once considered to be part of the Abruzzi region.

Amatrice is also regarded as being the seat of the food agricultural industry and also houses the “Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park”. The particular pasta sauce that is produced in this part of Italy is known all over the world as “Amatriciana”. The locals celebrate a festival in honor of the ancient recipe that is used to prepare their authentic pasta sauce. It is attended by thousands of people from all across Italy. It is believed that the recipe was invented by the shepherds that used to dwell here once upon a time. The main ingredients of the Amatriciana pasta sauce are tomatoes, guanciale and pecorino cheese. Traditionally, the sauce would be served with local dishes such as bucatini pasta, vermicelli pasta and spaghetti.

The small Italian town also has a number of architectural wonders which attract tourists from all over world. Among the highly regarded structures are the churches of San Francesco and San Agostino. Historical records indicate that these buildings were built back in the 15th century. They are characterized by their magnificent Gothic façades on the outside where the inside is laden with superb frescoes created by some of the most prominent Italian artists of the time. The Italian government has put in much effort to preserve these historical relics and today they serve as major tourist attractions for the region.

Amatrice is lush with plenty of greenery. The National Park of the Gran Sasso further adds to its natural environment. In fact this park has become a favorite spot for nature lovers as visitors to the park have the chance to see a variety of animals such as foxes, eagles, wildcats and many others. The summer season is the best time to visit this part of Italy as Amatrice gleams with blossoming orchids, which can be seen growing spontaneously all over the fertile terrain.

Located in the region of Lazio, this small town is well-connected to surrounding tourist attractions such as the towns of Anzio, Cassino, Rome, Rieti, Gaeta, Taruinia, Viterbo and many more. By developing the infrastructure that allows for easy commuting between the various regions of Lazio, Amatrice has benefited greatly. Tourism has become a major source of income for this small Italian town. In order to facilitate the seasonal influx of travelers, many hotels, motels and serviced apartments have been constructed at strategic locations in Amatrice.

The weather of Amatrice is generally pleasant but it does tend to get quite chilly in the winter season. Summers are the best time to visit this region as one gets the chance to explore the beautiful natural surroundings of the town at its best.


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