Irish Beef Stew

Interested in Irish beef stew? Do you want to know about the many different beef stew varieties available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right stew for your meal…

Beef stew is an excellent dish to commemorate St Patrick’s Day. You can cook a spicy Irish beef stew with modern condiments like paprika and cinnamon. This dish is an authentic Irish stew that’s been served for generations. Beef can be stewed into a delicious broth over a slow fire.

You can add succulent pieces of tenderloin with beef stock, potatoes and onions, then cook the Irish beef stew ingredients in a deep sauce pan or a heavy large pot over a hot plate. Although beef stew originated in Ireland, it’s become popular throughout Europe and the US.

The broth of Irish beef stew is a thick sauce flavored with Irish ale, most commonly Guinness stout. In the olden days, the freezing winters in Ireland made a stew cooked in a black pot over the fire the perfect meal after a hard day on the potato fields. Irish beef stew simmers slowly and packs plenty of nutrition in one dish.

Common Ingredients for Irish Beef Stew

You’d find that Irish beef stew of any flavor has several common ingredients that make for a great meal. The meat for the stew consists of diced beef whereas the vegetables are mostly potatoes, large onions, shallots and carrots. Beef stew broth requires beef stock, Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste for a thick and delicious sauce.

Guinness stout adds the special zing to the sauce which makes beef stew distinctly Irish. You might want to sprinkle parsley, rosemary and thyme to the stew as garnishing. Cornstarch gives a thicker consistency to the sauce and mushrooms will provide a robust taste. Irish beef stew makes a very satisfying meal which can be eaten on its own or with Irish soda bread. Frozen peas are also suitable vegetables that will give bobs of green to the brown beef stew.

A plate of Irish beef stew is perfect for St Patrick’s Day dinner with family and friends. Beef stew can be spicy or tangy and the dish is limited in taste only by your imagination. With the addition of Irish beer or stout into the simmering stew, you’re sure to find the broth delectable and the meal hearty.

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