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Going on vacation to Paris? Want to see the modern art museums in Paris? Our guide to Paris Modern Art Museums tells you when to go and what to see.
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Many people visiting Paris on vacation make the mistake of thinking there’s only one modern art museum in Paris. In fact, there are several places in Paris you can visit to see modern art, however, generally speaking there are two museums in Paris that are both called the Modern Art Museum.

Paris City Modern Art Museum

This museum is referred to as the Palace of Modern Art in the city of Paris and is one of the two major places to go in Paris to see modern art.

The Modern art museum is actually only one part of a much larger palace located at 11 Avenue du President Wilson, named after the American President  during the First World War Woodrow Wilson.

If you’re coming to this modern art museum in Paris using the metro system then the nearest stations are Iena and Alma Marceau, both only  a couple of hundred meters away from the museum.

This museum in Paris has collections representing every school of artistic expression to exist in France during the 20th century. This includes art collections in the styles of Cubism, Fauvism, Dada and expressionism.

Some of the most modern artists whose works are on display at this modern art museum in Paris include Picasso, Braqe, Soutine, Modigliani and Dufy.

This museum in Paris is open daily, except Monday, from 10am until 5.30pm. On weekends opening hours are extended an hour into the evening. This museum often holds temporary exhibitions of modern art, for which there is a separate entrance fee.

Centre Pompidou Modern Art Museum in Paris

The other popular museum of modern art in Paris can be found in the famous Pompidou centre. There are more than 3,000 pieces of modern art housed here, from France and abroad.

However, this modern art museum often loans many of its exhibits to other art museums in Paris and France, so if’ you are looking forward to seeing a particular piece you had better check on it’s availability beforehand by contacting the museum directly.

Like the city modern art museum in Paris, this museum hosts many temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists from France. These are usually held in the southern wing of the museum. Entrance to this museum in Paris can ge accessed from Rue Saint Merri.

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